How Green Is Your Cat?


There is a new enthusiasm for all things green when it comes to our pets. This girl has one green eye, but something else is meant by my question in the title.  There are web sites, books and news articles touching on everything from organic pet food to natural flea powders. I have had a few dogs in my life that have lived to a very old, but very healthy age. Did they have a big carbon footprint? Could they have contributed more to all things green if, instead of bags of dry dog food, I had served them an organic breakfast every day?

Maybe I am uninformed as to the contribution our pets make to global warming, but I find it a little amusing to think that dogs and cats might be contributing to the shrinking of the polar ice caps. I have know a few dogs who could compete with the best of the flatulating cows, but other than peeling the wall paper in a few living rooms, I doubt if their emissions did much damage to the atmosphere. But who knows? Add up the millions of dogs and cats world-wide and we may indeed have a need to green our pets.

I guess this is an example of no harm, no foul. If people who are doing their best to make their own contributions to healthy living want to take their pets along for the ride, what harm can be done? The only thing I would caution is to remember that pets, especially cats, have dietary needs that are quite different than our own. Make sure their diets meet those needs.

So, if you have the desire and the financial means to go green with your pets, there is a lot of information available these days. I recently saw a book titled “Eco Dog”. Maybe that is a good place to start reading up on what you can do to reduce the carbon footprint of your best friend.

What do you think?  Is your pet green?  Do you think trying to reduce the carbon footprint of our pets is worth the effort?  Do natural flea control products work?  Is “healthier” pet food worth the extra cost?

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
Great post. I think any post you write about “being green” should have a link to one of your best posts on “green” (in my humble opinion): Is This Greenwashing?
I find that usually people that really are “living green” don’t advertise it, and those that do, seldom really are (again in my humble opinion. My wife pointed out a news story recently about a new “eco-friendly” hotel chain. They have “bio-degradable soap” etc. They also 42″ plasma flat-screen TV’s in every room. Does anyone know how much power those babies suck up? Do travellers really need to be able to sit in their hotel room and watch TV or play video games on a 42″ PLASMA? Is this being green? Well, I probably shouldn’t have gotten started. We do not call our trade show displays green, but they are half as heavy typical “portable” trade show displays, which means less fuel burned in shipping. I think it’s what you do, not what you say… It’s what your product IS, not what you ADVERTISE it to be…
I think this post was about green cats though, so I’ll shut up now.
~ Steve


2 Nigel

I think my cat is pretty green. She eats birds that hit our windows. It is the funniest thing. My parents house (where my cat currently resides) have these huge windows which birds crash into all the time. If you smack the window, my cat runs outside as fast as possible to see if there is a nice, local meal sitting outside for her. She is pretty low waste too, she only spits out the skull and a few feathers.

Nigels last blog post..Industrial agriculture responsible for Listeria outbreak.


3 Going Green


Not sure if this is where things start to get ridiculous with the movement, and become more about anyone and everyone using the “go green” moniker just to push products, but on the plus side — I do think that the more chances there are for people to elevate their consciousness, the better off we’ll all be. It might seem silly to consider your pet’s contributions to the environment, be they positive or negative, but the reality is that if this is what gets people to then consider themselves, or the environment in general, so be it.


4 Will

Yeah – I have known a few dogs in my life that must have contributed to global warming with their methane production. One St. Bernard used to sleep under the table after he ate dinner. He would occasionally lift all four legs of the table off the floor and peel the wallpaper with his explosions!


5 Steve

hi Will, I tried posting a comment on this yesterday or the day before, but it didn’t show up… I thought maybe it was being moderated because I included a link to your post on “Is this greenwashing”… Did my comment get stuck somewhere, or just vanish into thin air? I saved it and can repost if I need to. I’ve learned to save comments (when I remember), since my computer/Windows sometimes locks up. It’s probably time to upgrade… Anyway, do you see my previous comment anywhere? ~ Steve


6 Will

Hey Steve – I found it in the spam que and it is up now. Thanks for alerting me, I missed that one. It is not from the link you included. Too many links puts it into moderation, not spam. This has happened a few times before to your posts, but I saw them in there. Your LINK to your site is fine and should not cause the comment to be tagged as spam, but I would put your NAME on comments as “Steve” rather than “Trade Show Booths”. The name Trade Show Booths is what gets noticed as possible spam somtimes. By using Steve, it should keep the comments out of the spam bin.



7 Bob

Lol, Nigel’s comment, my cat is getting on in age, needs special food and such, having said that I have book marked the link, the book is only like 12 bucks, for when I get my dog when the cat passes, I mean why not, I am very much into the green movement as the company I work for is, very cool

Bobs last blog post..Infrared Photography And The Mars Hoax


8 Andrew Flusche

I don’t quite see how our cat would NOT be green. She just sleeps or plays. She’s not flying around in jets or driving around in a suburban. She plays with spiders and other bugs she happens to find. I guess those are natural toys. 🙂


9 Anna

Hi Will, yes Bob is getting closer. When arrived on your blog, guess what, I actually checked if someone passed me, lol. Well not much I can comment on this post because I don’t have a pet, and I think I am the only one probably in our subdivision without pets, I had fish, but it died, oh well. But you are absolutely right about pets, things can really add up….Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..Moments of Happiness and Moments of Sadness


10 Will

Well Anna, I bet it won’t be too long before Matthew is asking for a puppy! Get ready.


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