How to Eat Less to Lose Weight


We all pretty much know that in order to weigh less, we need to eat less.  It seems like I have known this forever, and yet I have to work as hard as anyone to be successful.  I would never claim it is easy, but here are a few tips.

The advice to just eat less if you want to weigh less seems smooth and simple on its surface, but in the reality of everyday life, it can be impossible to put into practice. People eat too much for many different reasons, but most of us eat simply because we are hungry. Eating less than our brains tell us to eat is a very difficult thing to do. If it was even possible for most people, we would do it. After all, there are not too many things with more proven benefits to motivate us than not being overweight. If the health benefits were not enough, most of us think we look better when not overweight, even by just a few pounds. That alone should be a big motivator. There is also the research, now done many times over, that shows rats starved half to death live twice as long as normal rats. Twice the lifespan! If that can’t get a person to cut calories, what will?

Well, our brain’s survival mechanisms are are very strong.   In fact there is a lot of evidence  that drastically cutting calories will not work in the long term and is one of the main reasons for the yo-yo weight patterns many people struggle with.  So please don’t read this as the only advice you should follow.  In fact, when you are done with this article, I recommend you  take a look at  “The No Diet Blog”.  The author and nutritionist  who writes at that site has been very successful in  helping people change their eating patterns.  This is what has worked for me, but I  eat a very healthy diet and  do not need to change  what  I eat, only occasionally, how much I eat.  Healthy food has calories too! Dinner?

I have been fortunate to never have a serious weight problem, but I love food, have a big appetite, and have spent most of my life weighing 10 – 15 pounds above what I probably should. I am sure that I could easily weigh much more if I ate as much as my love of food and appetite wants me to. I know it is easy to find lots of different web sites and experts suggesting lots of different ways to control your weight or lose weight. I am not as much of an expert as most of these people, but here is what I think of their two main pieces of advice.

Expert advice #1, eat healthy, not like the guy over to the left.   Well as you can see from this site, I am a huge proponent of healthy food and pretty much eat healthy with ease almost all the time. My diet is very high in vegetables and whole grains and low in saturated fat. I do eat meat and cheese, but not very much. I pretty much never eat white bread or rice and very seldom white pasta. I eat almost no pre-processed, pre-packaged food. I do not drink soda. I often have a glass or two of wine or beer with dinner, but that is all. I do sometimes eat desert, but I even make my oatmeal raisin cookies with organic whole wheat flour. The thing is… even healthy, organic food has calories and even healthy calories can put on the pounds. So yes, eating healthy is critical to good health, and is the first thing you should do to improve your diet.  By itself however, it  might not allow you to reach your weight loss goals.

Expert advice #2, exercise more. There have been periods in my life when I was getting large amounts of exercise almost every day. There have been other times when I got much less than average. Mostly, these days, I get my exercise by trying to play ice hockey once a week, getting out on a 6 to 12 mile hike once or twice a week, and then working in my garden a little each day. But, like most of us, I don’t always play hockey, hike, or work outside as often as I should. Don’t get me wrong, regular exercise has been shown to be very important to good health. If you are a person who can run, ride your bike, or go to the gym every day, you will certainly be better off for it. But, unless your exercise is fairly extreme, I am not sure you will have less fat on your bones. Maybe this is because it takes so much exercise on a regular basis to offset a large amount of calories. Maybe you, like me, often have a bigger appetite after a day spent hiking outdoors. I know the amount of exercise I get has never affected how much excess weight I have. When I was going to a gym and lifting weights 3 times per week, I had more muscle, but underneath I had the same amount of fat.

So for me the only thing that has ever, ever, ever, allowed me to control my weight is eating less over a period of time.

How do I eat less? With a lot of difficulty. If it was easy, I would weigh what I think is my ideal weight, and not 10 or 15 pounds more. But 10 or 15 is better than 25 or 30 and certainly better than 35 or 40! Here is what I do.

I don’t skip breakfast, but I do eat healthy things like fruit, granola, whole grain bread, organic cottage cheese, organic peanut butter, sometimes organic eggs, etc. I do not eat sausage, bacon, ham, pop tarts, donuts, processed cereal or the like. This is not because I don’t like sausage, bacon, ham, pop tarts, (well I guess I don’t like pop tarts), and donuts; it is because I know how bad this type of food is for me.

Lunch or snacks make up my eating though the day. I may have a healthy sandwich, nuts, dates, or homemade organic trail mix. And then a piece of dark chocolate! If I eat something like chips with organic salsa the chips are brands like organic, sunflower seeded chips, not commercially processed brands like, well you know. So my lunch and snacks are always healthy.

Dinner is usually my biggest meal. This may be a mistake, but what can you do? Dinner is also my most varied meal of the day. It is often a huge salad with all kinds of things, sometimes even chicken, fish, or beef, in it. Often dinner is Asian style, cooked in a wok. I try not to go out for dinner too frequently as I find it easy to over-eat and eat food I would not normally prepare at home. Another thing that really seems to work for me is to not to eat dinner within 3 hours of going to sleep. If it has become late in the evening and I have not had dinner, I sometimes just go to bed without worrying about it. Yes I am hungry, but when I fall asleep, the hunger turns off. Dinner is also the only meal I ever miss. If I skip food earlier in the day, I find I just make it up, and then some, later in the day.

Now I have made myself hungry and must to go cook dinner! So, I’ll ask, what do you all do? Are there any success stories out there? Any people who have had success controlling their healthy appetites? If so, please post a comment and let us know your methods.


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Will Sig
1 dani

Really enjoy reading your post.. simple and easy to absorb.. I always find health food are more expensive at least 30% more.. in malaysia, we have no much choice of health food, most of our breakfast are not healthy at all.. too much oil and fat.. previous most of our parent work outside, they sweat, probably that’s why they don’t have so much problem. but now, most malaysian work indoor.. in air-conditioned room.. that’s why all these problem face out.. 3 of my friends, early 30 die because of cancer.. and there are many more examples.. just wondering, is this way man kind will be vanish from the face of the earth???


2 Will

Hi dani! Thanks for your comment! It is really nice to know that the importance of organic food and healthy living is an important issue in your part of the world also.

Your point about the cost of organic food is a good one. There are many reasons for this, some valid, some not. I think the cost should be closer to conventionally produced food. I plan an in-depth post on the cost issue, soon.

There is a lot of evidence that work lifestyle is very important to health. Your parents got a lot of exercise, fresh air etc. working outside that people closed up in air-conditioned offices don’t get. It is really important for office workers to eat well, get exercise and spend time outdoors. It is really bad to go from the office to the sofa in front of the TV every day!

Sorry about your friends. What caused that would depend on the types of cancer. Some are definitely diet and environment related. Others can be genetically based. Some, the experts just don’t know.

As to how humans may eventually disappear from the planet, there are lots of predictions. Some feel we are so resourceful that no matter what we do, we will survive. Others are much more pessimistic. There is a very interesting movie out on DVD called “Children of Men”. The premise is that because of all the chemicals etc. we are exposed to, humans become unable to reproduce.

Thanks again for your comment. This sort of conversation is what blogs are all about!


3 Bob

Been on a few diets in my lifetime, I find bottom line you need to exercise especially the older you get, also stay away from carbs, the sugar makes you hungry. Very informative site!


4 Will

Hi Bob! Thanks for the comment and compliment. It may be that the exercise side of the equation seems less important than the eating side because I have always been an active person. It has always been tough for me to eat less, though!

I took a look at your site and quickly realized I needed to bookmark it for a more in-depth visit. Lots of good “astrostuff” there. I like the look also. Usually I do not like sites with a black theme, but it works on your site, and fits the subject matter. Your rule of thumb for telescopes gave me a chuckle.

Glad you like the site and hope you get to spend some time reading. You, your friends and any questions are always welcome!



5 chaosgone

I’m trying to eat better, and walk more. It is hard to make changes in your life.


6 uberdose

I’m a bit over my ideal weight myself, and I think I eat quite healthy, but always too much. What I found working well in the past was exercising every day, one day building up muscle, the other day aerobic exercise. I’d prefer running to any other workout but I can’t do that very often, my joints don’t like it as much as I do. If I “just” workout 3 times a week, nothing happens.


7 Will

Hi uberdose! Being a bit over ideal weight (less than 5%), is supposedly not a big a deal health wise, but I sure feel better when I am a bit lighter. I am a mesomorph – – so I have enough bone and muscle to cart around without the extra fat!

Exercise is great if you can commit to it on a regular basis. I absolutely hate exercising alone, so I am no good at the daily morning run kind of exercise. I do garden a lot, hike regularly and play ice hockey once a week or so. I am not in the great overall shape a regular exerciser would be in, though. I climbed a difficult mountain on Saturday and myself and a couple of other regular hikers ending up with cramps in the hamstrings on the way down. Regular hiking and hockey doesn’t exercise those particular muscles enough, I guess.

Deciding if you eat healthy is tricky. Don’t compare yourself to others around you, unless they are the exceptions. Most people, in the U.S. especially, have a terrible diet. Watch out for the high fructose corn syrup, soft drinks, packaged fatty foods, butter, mayo etc. Also think about changing white carbohydrates like pasta, bread, white rice, etc. to exclusively whole grain. Even if you are not interested in being a vegetarian, it is a good idea to limit all your sources of animal protein as much as you can. That would not only be meat but also, cheese, milk, and eggs. Then think about your sources of fat in your diet. Butter and other dairy, meat, and packages food are big dangers. In my case, most of my fat comes from olive oil. ( I use it on almost everything). I do try to limit it somewhat, but would be much more concerned if it were other other oils or butter comprising those calories. A calorie is still a calorie, though!!



8 mary

Hello, This is Mary

I am 36 years old with 2 toddlers. My youngest just started day care last week- which still feels a little strange. I haven’t had this much time to myself in years. First thing I want to do is lose the extra pounds I put on during the last pregnancy. One of the girls next door has suggested I join her walking group two days a week. After my first pregnancy I lost around 35 pounds using the Herbalife products, but when I called the man that sold them to me three years ago he told me this week he doesn’t sell them anymore. He told me to look on the internet. It’s disappointing because he was really nice and he called me regularly to make sure I was using their products correctly. It was nice to have someone checking in with me every week to see how I was and it kept me motivated.

I searched on the internet for someone that sells Herbalife in New Jersey. I found many websites but I don’t want
just to buy the products, I want to find someone trustworthy that sells the products so I can also meet them and get started again.

Could anybody here recommend someone in New Brunswick?.

Thanks, Mary


9 Will

Hi Mary. I did find one in New Brunswick. Hope it is not the person who is out of the business!

New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: (732) 246-8872
Business Types: Professional Services, Weight Loss & Control Programs

Hope you are able to accomplish your goal. Feel free to look around this site and post any comments or questions you have. I seem blessed with a number of very intelligent readers who usually have great advice to offer. Also, some of my articles have links to additional information you might find helpful.



10 pelf

But what if I want to GAIN WEIGHT? Any tips? 😀


11 Will

LOL! Pelf, I just have to think about food to do that!


12 isabella mori

learned about your blog through blogapalooza.

this is a very nice post. i run the monthly carnival of eating disorders and thus come across quite a few posts that, directly or indirectly, say to “just eat less”, similar to the “just say no” anti-drug campaign. you point out, in a gentle way, that it ain’t so easy.

what do i do? weight has been a challenge for me for many years. fortunately, in the last 5, 6 years, i’ve got it more or less under control. calorie counting works for me; i just have to watch that i don’t start obsessing (was that 1432 calories of 1461?)

and let’s not forget that overeating can be a compulsion/addiction. many people who are struggling with that are helped by going to overeaters anonymous.


13 Will

Thank you Isabella. There are a lot of good posts going up in the blogapalooza. I’m glad I participated!

I see you do the Wordless Wednesday’s also. I had not heard of it until today when I came across 3 sites doing it. I think I will join in. I like the idea of being able to post a photograph all by itself. I wonder if we have to pledge to keep Wednesdays completely word free or if it only has to be one wordless post?



14 Will

Also, Isabella, here is another article related to this one you might find interesting given your knowledge and experience.


15 isabella mori

oh, re wordless wednesday – i don’t think you have to pledge anything! it’s YOUR blog!


16 Barry

I am 5’7, male, and I weigh 147. I’m 49. Single. Don’t own a car and walk everywhere–or take the bus. My doctor would like me to be at 140 as I have high cholesterol and she does not want to up me on medication if possible. I don’t smoke, seldom drink, don’t do drugs.

I know there’s only two things that will make me lose weight: eat less, exercise more. Most diet books, including Dr. Phil’s, could do well with a one page article instead of book long. So typically, this might be what I eat daily:


1 cup of oatmeal and oat bran cooked together, with two tablespoons (level), 1/4 cup of skim (and fortified) soy milk.

Tea. 1/4 cup of skim (and fortified) soy milk.

1/2 Orange. (Other half orange for later in the morning as a snack or take it with me during a walk.)


Two pieces of high fibre bread (or pita wrap if it’s 100% whole wheat.) Spread the bread lightly with hot mustard and sprinkle a few hot peppers from a bottle. I add unlimited raw, cut up vegetables of every kind except it must be a variety and no one type more than any others so if one is a bit sweet, that’s okay.


After Snack:

Raw carrot or two or three dates.

Evening meal:

This is when I’m starving (well, not really starving as that word is overused. Few people in Canada are actually starving. This is when I feel I’m extremely hungry. So after I prepare my supper I have a secret. I leave my plate in the kitchen but do not eat in there, but in the living room. I go to the kitchen, folk in a couple bites and leave the room. Chewing, chewing. Sometimes I will check for emails and a few minutes will pass. My mind is telling me to eat, eat, EAT. Then I start to think about something I should have done or something someone said to me that bothered me and I suddenly crave something fatty and sweet and salty. But I keep chewing and go back to the kitchen for another bite. Then I thank God for the good food. I keep chewing. If possible, I try to make my supper plate last 12 minutes. I find that extremely hard as sometimes I think in a previous life I had been a pig. I love and enjoy the taste of “bad” food in my mouth and it soothes my soul. Anyway, this is what a typical evening meal is for me:

Cut up vegetables and steamed. Added to my own homemade vegetable broth. I will add some salt to this but only tiny bits in my palm and then taste the broth. Not salty enough? I try a bit more. Not salty enough? I have a trick. Spring a few grains in my spoon after a few slurps and it kills my salt craving. I eat a couple cups of vegetable soup which I add 1/2 cup of rinsed canned beans of any kind or some soy cut up. As much as I am craving bread right then, I will not have any as me being a former piglet, I know I will want some bread around nine o’clock toasted, with some garlic and extra virgin oil. I know it’s not correct to eat before I got to bed, but I do. That’s why I squirrel a bit of leftovers for nine o’clock. I try to restrict my fats to 2 tablespoons daily. That’s not a lot so I treat that olive oil with garlic as much as a cocaine addict craves his snow.


I walk 5 miles a day–sometimes not at all and sometimes 10 miles so I average 5 miles a day. Sometimes I will eat canned salmon, but only 1/3 can. A bit of baked chicken but breast only and no more than 1/2 cup. Usually, however, I eat soy and tufo and beans for my protein. Chicken and even fish is a treat for me.

I take a 2000 mg Omega-3 Salmon Fish Oil daily and a multi vitamin made for people over 50.

Rules I have for myself:

If I go to someone’s house and have a treat, I will skip something else in lieu of it. If I get hungry and think I’ll go mad with hunger, I’ll make some oatmeal or oat bran cereal and enjoy it. I do not use or buy white sugar. I do not use or buy butter or margarine, sauces, gravies. I do not fry anything.

Stress kills. If someone upsets me–unless it’s me upsetting myself, I rid myself of them. I have a policy: friends shouldn’t upset me, enemies can do that. I am polite but just say, “I think I’m just going to for a walk alone today and then take it easy. I’m sure you understand.” I also do not gossip. That creates more stress in people than you can imagine–at home, work, or play, do not talk bad about anyone. If you have anything bad to say to someone, say it to their face or keep your mouth shut. Telling your friends that so and so did this or that to you and that you didn’t like — or won’t stand for it again — is wimpy. Be a good person and stand on your own two feet, but more importantly learn to keep your mouth shut.

I enjoy baths, closing my eyes in a chair and visualizing a peaceful water or place, or people who have or do make me happy. If someone bothers me, I ask God to rid bad thoughts from my mind, or like my dear grandmother used to do, hum. Try it the next time you are tense. HUM!!!

Try to smile at people. You will feel good. If you start to lose weight, and someone says, “You’re looking good,” don’t go into a detailed explanation of how hard you’ve been working at it and that you are constantly craving that piece of cheesecake. Instead say, “Thank you.” Try to think of something nice to compliment them with. Too many people think when they lose weight it’s all about him or her. Get over yourself.

Lastly, for every pound I lose I will do something special for someone else. I have lost 2 or 3 pounds so far so I might give $3 to someone begging on the street or buy a flower and put it on a friend’s door with a note, “I’m thinking about you. Thanks for being a friend.”

Lastly, losing weight should feel good and you shouldn’t become anal. Remember it was my choice to lose weight. In some countries the choice is made for them and they will die of hunger.


17 build muscle burn fat

Hi Will,
After some research on build muscle and lose weight, the recommendation is to take negative calorie food, eat 5 small meals instead of 3, and exercise(cardio and strength training). It is good to prepare high protein, high fiber and low carbohydrate food. Example, sardines with bones, soya beans, fish and lean meat are high protein foods. Almost all vegetables, peas and fruits will provide good fiber and low carbohydrates. Avoid rice, starchy food, flour, sugar, and alcohol. Do 2-3 times of strength training including cardio exercises. Drink lots of water and rest on alternate day. Hope this helps

(Link removed as per link checking software)


18 Will

Hi Barry! Thanks for that great comment. For some reason I did not get notification of it, so just found it now. That is quite the story. You seem to be doing everything well. Sometimes high cholesterol is genetic. I am no more over my ideal weight than you and I exercise less. I eat a very healthy diet, but eat more than you do. Yet I have a very good cholesterol level. Some are just lucky in that category.

Thanks again for your comment!


19 MItch

For me I need to lower my caloric intake in order to lose weight combine this with a few exercises a day to keep my metabolism up and I shed pounds quickly. At my worst I was 6’4 250lbs. I am now hovering around 200 give or take 5 pounds. I live a fairly active lifestyle but nothing to serious.
I found that a couple smoothies a day helped me tremendously, I make my own (a couple strawberries a piece of banana ice, a few ounces of soy milk and a scoop of protein powder.) I also go to Jamba Juice in a pinch. I stay away from the high calorie drinks and always get a small size, my favorite -Mancha Green Tea Mist with burner protein and energy boosts-160 calories.

It’s important for everyone to know that if you lower your calories you have to exercise to keep your metabolism burning otherwise your body will go into a survival mode and horde calories.

Good luck.


20 Cecilia Hartman

Mitch, does your body only go into survival mode if you DON’T exercise? I thought it did no matter what you do?


21 Will

Good advice Mitch, esp. about the exercise to avoid metabolism slowdown. I would add that everyone should avoid high fructose corn syrup completely. That one ingredient may contribute more than anything else to weight gain, and to difficulty in losing weight.


22 chaosgone

I am starting to ride my exercise bike. I have now done this for a month, so it is a habit now. I ride for 30 minutes, six days a week. It is helping me lose weight. I need to work on what I eat, too. But, I am making progress on my goals!

chaosgones last blog post..Space Cadets


23 Will

That’s great! Thirty minutes six days a week will really make a difference. I would really have to be watching a good movie or something to keep me on a stationary bike for that long!


24 chaosgone

That’s what I’m doing. I’m watching videos on YouTube to keep me from getting board with it.

chaosgones last blog post..A Robot From the Past


25 Joseph Mercola

That was a great read. I find it helpful to have fruits prepped and ready all the time. When I get the urge to have a greasy burger I just grab a fresh lettuce and I’m good for another hour. 🙂


26 Will

Thanks Dr. Mercola. I’m flattered to have a “presidential candidate” leave a comment. 😉

I remember visiting your site a while ago and thinking “this guy must have a thick skin cause he sure is riling up the status quo”! I also like your little button that shows not only the number of comments on a blog post, but the number of views. Someone should make that into a WordPress plugin if it has not already been done.


27 Linda Prout

Wow, I’m impressed, a comment from Dr. Mercola! Now there’s an information-packed nutrition site. I’m not sure lettuce staves off a big fat burger craving however. It would probably make it worse. Fruit can sometimes make a sugar craving worse.

I have researched this question all of my adult life because I do have a big appetite and enjoy being lean. One thing is for sure, if you need more beneficial fats in your diet (usually omega-3’s) your body will go for any and all grease and sometimes sugar in an attempt to get it: burgers, fries, cheese, fatty sweets….

Taking fish oil or other omega-3 fat supplements and eating lots of omega-3 rich food controls an overappetite for fats and sugar on many levels. Omega-3’s stimulate CCK, a satiety chemical found in the stomach and brain. Omega-3’s also boost serotonin and prevent depression and thus “poor me” snacking. And finally omega-3’s prevent fatigue and stimulate the brain thereby preventing the urge for sugar for energy.

I have found a diet rich in omega-3-rich foods including wild fish, free range eggs and grass fed meats/dairy plus omega-3 supplements to be one of the best ways to eat less.

For more on meats, read

Flax oil, walnuts, oats and cooked green leafy veggies can also provide some omega-3 activity although not as effective as the fish/meat sources.


28 liz

You know what pisses me off the dollar menu at Mc.donald’s? why don’t they have grilled chicken,wheat bread turkey sandwiches,peanut butter jelly sandwiches anything that is healthier on the dollar menu? everything is garbage when I’m on my last buck. I want to be able to get something healthy times are tough with money etc so why can’t these fast food joints try to be more versatile with the options? They need to step up the game if they want more business and why are they not looking at the general publics interest! HELLO WE DON’T WANT TO BE FAT AND WE DON’T WANT TOXIC DISGUSTING PRODUCTS IN OUR STOMACHES WE ARE BECOMING MORE HEALTH CONSICIOUS DO SOMETHING!!! GIVE US MORE OPTIONS TO HEALTHY PRODUCTS SO THAT WE CAN FEEL MORE REJUVENATED AND HEALTHIER. THE MC.DONALD’S FRENCHFIRES AND OVERALL HAMBURGERS AND CRAP THEY SERVE HAS ME FEELING SLOTHFUL AND LETHARGIC. IT’S ALWAYS HARD AFTER BEING SOO HUNGRY TO GO TO A FAST FOOD JOINT AND FIND OUT THERE’S LITTLE TO NO OPTIONS OF ANYTHING FULFILLING THAT MAY BE HEALTHFUL. WHO THE HELL WANT’S PASTEY SALADS WITH CARROTS IN IT WHEN I’M HUNGRY I WANT A SANDWICH AND THE SANWICHES THEY SERVE IS PURE GARBAGE!!


29 Tony McGurk Slimdude

Great advice. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we were all fitted with guages and instruments that measured all of our food and nutrient intake and al l of our energy expenditure.
Some recent research has suggested that some poor people are unable to fill full. It’s apparently a genetic thing. But that doesn’t really explain why, in the 1930’s and 1940’s, there were so few fat people around. Exactly what we eat is equally as important as how much.
Good post.


30 Tony Slimdude

Great advice. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we were all fitted with guages and instruments that measured all of our food and nutrient intake and al l of our energy expenditure.
Some recent research has suggested that some poor people are unable to fill full. It’s apparently a genetic thing. But that doesn’t really explain why, in the 1930’s and 1940’s, there were so few fat people around. Exactly what we eat is equally as important as how much.
Good post.


31 Richard Morden

Eating healthy takes times and makes us look at our food groups. We tend to grab whatever fills us up without thinking about it but to do it right we need to plan and prepare. Be aware the amount of calories in all the different drinks we have at our disposal. We seem to have steered away from simple water for quenching our thirst to all kinds of fruit drinks etc. and they contain 100’s of calories and other items we wouldn’t normally consume.

Richard Mordens last blog post..Frank Kern clip on Tony Robbins


32 Todd

I say what ever works for you is what you should be doing, and if this works for you, may you “eat less” to making yourself to a skinnier new you one pound ago! I feel low carb is the way to go although for appitite control as losing the carbs (sugars) seems to act a bit like a natural appetite suppressent. I found Atkins a bit restrictive for me and prefer the South Beach method so I can have ample veggies. Thanks for the informative post!

Todds last blog post..Weight Loss Exercise And Injury


33 San Nayak

This is really informative.

I eat almost everything except beef but in a different way and exercise 4-5 days a week. I drink lots of water and take my major meal right in the noon. That gets me energy to exercise 1-1.5 hrs right after my work.

I avoid soda, cheese, butter, beer for max time.


34 lizzy

Yep your right if people want to lose the weight then they have to have the tenacity to lose it! I really had the sugar blues I would crave sugar,but I cut it out my diet completely. I went from 134 and now i’m 125 my weight goal is 100 pounds and i’m 5’5 I know this sounds a bit absurd but I want to be able to fit in miny sizes and I will I’m losing weight and I’m seeing results and love it! the problem americans are over weight is too many sugar cosumption such as soft drinks,fried foods,processed foods and white starchy breads white rice and all that! you need to switch to whole grain and lots of fruits and vegetables as well as more protein that curbs your appetite eggs,salmon,tuna fish and such stick to your whole grains and get away from sugar and too much caffiene in the morning also drink a hot cup of water with lemon juice to detoxify each morning before you start your breakfast! something that threw all my weight off the charts and i’m seeing a leaner me it’s shocking Water Water Water! I remember feeling lethargic and weight was adding on it’s Water that shrunk me to look like barbie! I drink 64 ounces of water a day that equivalent to 8 glasses or more if I have the sugar blues I’ll put sugar free gum in my mouth and drink as much water as I can untill i’m full and chew another piece of gum or you can eat a tiny tiny piece of dark chocalate for serotonin stimulation in your brain but overall that’s what I do drink water repeat or subsitute fruits for the sugar crave and once and for all cut out your consumption of soda even diet soda is bad for you it keeps you to gain weight also the soda industry is bolony when they state diet any form of soda is bad for you period! I subsitute soda cravings for black tea or other herbal teas and I use splenda or brown sugar! it worked and I hope it works for you!


35 Will

Thanks for all that Lizzy! The only things I would say in response are:
1) 5’5 and 100 pounds is too skinny for most people. 5’5 and 125 lbs sounds good to me, but everyone’s body type is different. Just don’t be unrealistic in your goals. It is better to weigh a few more pounds and eat and be healthy than it is to meet your goal and be starved and unhealthy.

2) Most importantly, I would reconsider the Splenda. My personal, non-expert opinion is that it is worse than sugar. Sort of like substituting margarine for butter. You are better off just cutting the butter down as much as possible, then use it sparingly when you must. Artificial products like margarine and fake sweeteners are bad in my view.


36 john

I am fat,I try to eat less and take exercise,but i find it is hart to lose weight.


37 Dan

Good post:) I work out by swimming 5-6hours/week and it really does it for me. I got fit in less than 2 months and I really enjoyed doing it too:)


38 Paul

@John: try doing more sports. that will help you the most and also relax you out 🙂


39 Craig Sones Cornell

What a relief to read so many ways to eat healthfully. I would add that savoring food, chewing a lot, and playing with it with the tongue to uncover hidden waives of flavors and variations of texture as solids dissolved into more digestible liquidy stuff is a way to eat less and gain more pleasure. Eating more exuberantly in terms of quality can lead to much less need for volume to satisfy the sensual aspects of the food experience.

I have never tested going to sleep hungry, though we almost always eat by 6:30 pm, so I have not had the opportunity to experiment with that. In sensing my body reaction to that, I would pass.

Bon Appetite, Craig.


40 Vee

I enjoyed reading on how I can improve my eating habits and it’s great how you’ve adjusted to this. I’ve cut out eating white rice and my mom (who’s a health junkie) has been buying more healthy foods and changing our pantry and fridge around. I myself have been going through up the scale and not really paying attention to what I ate until 4 years after when I started seeing the drastic changes in pictures – since pictures show the real you. Greatly appreciate the info I’ve received from reading and hopefully I’ll become more motivated to exercise – to bad it’s so cold in Canada.


41 Linda Prout

Hi Vee: Hopefully you are eating plenty of traditional fats: real butter, duck fat, unrefined lard, and not many grains – this is appropriate for your climate and will help you stay lean. The cold and darker days make it difficult to slip out for walks for sure, but consider a rebounder (mini trampoline), a chin up bar and a video for yoga or an aerobic exercise. I am hearing people like Wii fit, but haven’t tried it myself. I know you need to figure out what works for exercise for you, and it needs to be easy and enjoyable. Good luck with that!


42 Howard Larrabee

I tried to calculate how much weight I have lost over my life span, but really was unable to do it. So many times I have lost as much as 40-50 pounds, only to gain it back. The realization that consistency in ones approach is the key seems to leave me over and over. Some year, I’ll get that.

Thanks for a real life post.


43 Heather

Wow you got a comment from Dr.Mercola! I am a huge fan of him and what he teaches about health and diet so now I am also a big fan of your site 🙂
I know this is an old post but I eat 3 good sized meals a day and nothing after supper except water or tea with a little nut milk. I try to exercise most days. The only days I don’t are when I am super tired and my body aches from it. Sleep deprivation can cause injury when you exercise..I know from experience.
When I really make an effort not to eat after supper and get some jogging in the lbs fall right off. When I start snacking at night my weight stays the same.


44 Will

Hi Heather – I think there is also a 2nd comment from Dr. Mercola here somewhere. He IS the go to person on much of what you need to know about how to sort through all the conflicting health advice and puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into all the resources on his site. So yeah it is flattering that he found the time to comment. I wrote another post about diet vs. exercise you might be interested in. In that I explain why I question the effectiveness of exercise alone in losing weight.


45 Earl

This is an excellent post, Will. I started my lifestyle change in November, 2009 and have made some great progress. The wonderful thing is that I’ve become almost obsessed with reading other accounts of being healthy, which is how I stumbled upon your blog.

The difference in how I did my lifestyle change is that I stuck with high protein foods and cut down heavily on my carbohydrate intake. I eat it now and then, but when I do it is always high in fiber, whole wheat, etc. I also eliminated sugar from my diet.

So far I’ve lost 100 pounds with the change in my eating and the exercise I do. I think one of the best things I did was “open” up about it. Instead of trying to hide behind my weight, I confessed to the world how much I weighed and the goals that I had in mind. That helped keep me on track. Also, having people who support you is awesome. My family, friends and even people I don’t know have really helped support me and made me feel wonderful with the progress I’ve made.

Thanks for the site and I will continue to read it!
Earl recently posted..100 and CountingMy Profile


46 Chef Vanda

Great post, I’d also like to add to avoid the use of artificial sweeteners as a substitute for sugars, especially aspartame. Aspartame can be found in Sugarfree, Light, Diet, Zero (Coke, Sprite, Fanta), Coke 007, Pepsi Max, Crystal Clear, Low-Calorie, Crystal Light. Aspartame Linked To Increase In Brain Tumors. If you are drinking these diet drinks, please stop. If you see this ingredient in your sugar free gum, don’t take the chance. Stop using Aspartame. Namaste, Chef Vanda


47 Dave

It’s tough to transition to an all veggie diet, but it’s well worth it. Meat just sits and rots in the colon.


48 Cynthia Carpenter

Hey Will,
You are right, healthy eating can still get a person overweight. I am glad you bring that to peoples attention. As good as as naturally organic peanut butter may be and its full of good fats – its still fat and still calories. Like you say, paying attention and exercise are important ingredients. You have a great website with lots of good information.
Wishing you wealth and wellness
Cynthia at


49 User

I drink a bottle of Vault instead of eating breakfast. It wakes you up, and the carbonation is heavy on your stomach so you have no appetite until lunchtime (when your supposed to). I’ve lost about 30 lbs doing this, 210 to 180.

Drinking soda for breakfast sounds like the most unhealthy thing you could possibly do, but it has worked perfectly, with hardly any exercise. My stomach has actually gotten smaller, and my old 36 in pants are falling off, I now need 34 (or a belt).


50 Kirsty

I’m 30 years old with 2 kids under 10 yrs old. I’ve always struggled with my weight.The last 3 weeks I’ve cut my calories back alot, I know it’s not healthy but at the moment it seems to work for me as I am one of those people who have spent thousands on pills and potions(who hasn’t),so I’ve come to the conclusion that if I eat less I’ll be better off.I weight train everyday,everyday I do different muscle groups.I don’t eat breakfast because I was told that exercising on an empty stomach first thing in the morning makes your body grab the fat for energy and not the carbs from your breakfast.I take 2 ThermoCut tablets which are legal,they act as an appetite suppressant which is awesome because like any human being I love food so these are great for me in helping with my weight loss journey.


51 Jacob

Forget pills, forget everything specially those stupid ads that tell ya to order food stuff and lose weight.
This is what I do caution for those who can do it only it does have this drawbacks but in order to gain something I had to follow and i am so much happy it worked so great!.

Please note that you’ve to cut down the water intake as well. 7 glasses of water is more then enough in 24 hrs.
No more softdrinks/hard drinks or snanks, ice creams, chocolates and whatever daily stuff..
I wakeup 6am in the morning drink a glass of water and wait for 1 hr
At 7am in the morning and my breakfast is:
2 brown slices of bread and a cup of green tea with a tea spoon of sugar.
(no butter, you can apply thin layer of margarine, no jam you can apply )

exactly 6 hrs later my lunch is:
a small bowel of mixed fruit cocktail, careful don’t put sugar on it or any syrup.
exactly 7 hrs later my dinner is same as my breakfast.
2 slices of bread with a cup of green tea.

I brisk walk for 60 minutes a day divided 30 minutes each morning 2 hours after breakfast and 5pm-5:30pm, plus light exercises for about 20 minutes 5:30pm-5:50pm (Do drink fresh juice daily in the evening after exercises)

Believe me in 5 weeks the weight will slip down you will be doing all WOW!
Crazy program but it is working and beating all programs on the internet on the tv I guarantee. 35 days and the magic happens take a week break eat a bit below normal and continue again for 1 month a you keep seeing the changes in your body.


52 Will

Hi Jacob – I can certainly see why that works. You are almost on a starvation diet. I guess that will drop the weight fast, but eventually you will need to have a more reasonable, long term diet.


53 Heather

Jacob, I’m sorry to say this but your ‘weight loss’ diet is so unhealthy it’s almost scary. I am eating twice as much as you and I have lost 15.5lbs this summer. What happens when you start eating more again? Even a small increase in food is going to make you gain when you are eating so little for so long.
I guess this could work if someone is obese … but other then ..
Also, spread a thin layer of butter on that toast .. it’s good for you .. it’s real.


54 Will

Well said, Heather. And you are right about the butter. I missed that in Jacob’s comment. No butter is OK. But if he is replacing that with margarine, that is a big no no.


55 Tesha

Hi Will!

WOW, 2-3 years later and you are still getting posts to your blog. Awesome! I totally agree with you. I have been an fairly active person my whole life and still can never manager to really loose any weight. I have one HUGE problem though. I LOVE FOOD. So this is why I will never loose the weight I need to loose. I really need to loose like 60 pounds. I am well over my acceptable weight range for my height and age. I believe the only way I will achieve my weight loss goals is to cut back on my daily calorie intake. Honestly, I eat whatever I want.

I am currently doing a fast with my church in which I have to forgo one meal a day. I am doing breakfast right now but may change it to lunch or dinner later. Although I’m fasting for something other than to loose weight, I find it interesting that once I do eat a meal, I can’t even finish it. Before I was easily able to finish a larger portion of food. Over the past few days I can only eat half of what I normally can finish.

Also, you mentioned not eating 3 hours before bed. That also hit home for me. When I was in college the cafeteria closed at 6pm. So that meant, we didn’t east past 6pm. Instead of gaining the freshman 15-20, I lost 15-20 pounds in like 3-4 months. No real vigorous excercise, just walking back and forth to class on campus. Eating really only 2.5 meals a day and barely any snacking. This wasn’t what I wanted but didn’t have a choice at the time. I came home for Christmas that year and my dad was like “have you been starving?” I was smaller that first semester than I was even my senior year in high school running track.

After my fast, I plan to continue cutting back and eating less throughout the day. Mainly portions and what not. Also, choosing healthier foods. I love organic! Just pricey but it’s worth it right? 🙂



56 Will

Hi Tesha – Yeah I get lots of good comments like yours even on older posts. That is why I don’t do what lots of sites do and close comments after a period of time. It is true that older posts attract more spam, but I found that if you don’t put the date on the top of a post, the spam is a lot less.

You are right on with your comments about food. Those of us that love food will always be dealing with a few extra pounds. And it is not always a matter or just eating more healthy and less prepared food. Healthy food has calories too. I think just knowing your body type, food preferences and doing your best to be happy with that is a good solution even if it means being 10 or 15 pounds over your ideal weight. Once a person gets to be 20, 25 or more pounds above what they should be, there may be health issues that mean the weight should be lost. It is never easy though. Good luck, and yes I think cutting back on calories at the end of the day, dinner and after is the most effective approach. Thanks for the comment!


57 April Montgomery

These tips reinforce an already known fact, which is that exercising more and eating in a healthier manner are the two main ingredients to healthy weight loss. I enjoy cooking ever since I was young, but I am aware of the risks of not eating the right foods – and in the right quantities.


58 Simon

I run about 35-40 miles a week. I eat reasonably healthy food but do like my meat and treats. However if anyone wants to lose weight fast and tone up….I cannot recommend running enough! Since I started weight just falls off me! I have trouble keeping it on!!


59 kodos

“…exercising more and eating in a healthier manner are the two main ingredients to healthy weight loss.”

Yes and no. One very good point this blog brings up is that exercise actually does not do much for weight loss. Don’t get me wrong — it is VITAL in order to lead a healthy life (cardiovascular health and even mental health-wise). But it doesn’t have a big effect on weight loss.

The fact is, if you want to lose weight, you must eat less. Eat healthy and balanced, never starve yourself (you’ll get an eating disorder or the weight will just come back when you gorge later). But you have to cut your portions if you want to lose weight/fat.


60 Keith

Watching what you eat goes a long way, but, as you said, watching how much is just as important. I disagree with the fellow who said that 7 glasses of water is enough. I know it all depends on your activity level and your size, but your metabolism makes waste that needs to be flushed out. Water is the best solvent to lose those byproducts. A good rule of thumb for water consumption is to divide your weight in pounds by half and consume that many ounces. Of course, you will probably need more than that when you are physically active.


61 Jasmine

How long did it take you all to lose weight? How much weight did you all lose?


62 Heather

It has taken me a year and a half to lose about 20lbs. Doesn’t seem like much but I weight train and have lost inches .. which makes it look like more.

I abhor counting calories or even thinking about it! I used to do it as a teenager and in my early 20’s so I know the calorie content of pretty much every single food item out there. But now I won’t count anything. Drives me mad! And the times in my life I was the thinnest was when I was wasn’t counting .. it was when I ate sensibly and not after dinner. When I started weight training I got sucked into the whole, macro counting, eat every few hours thing for a few years and never lost a lb. Not one. In fact, those years are when I gained from 115lbs-140lbs.

This past year and a half I stopped the madness and just ate less. Worked out when I could. Voila! Back down to 120lbs! Almost to 115 where I feel most comfortable 🙂


63 Will

That is a great approach Heather! Anything more than 20 pounds in a year, unless you are really overweight, is probably too drastic a change and will be hard to maintain. How you have done it is more a sensible lifestyle change than a diet and is sure to be more successful.


64 lisa

so im 24 years old with full time job and two kids most of the time i dont get home till way after 6pm and sometime dont go to work till 12pm. I have an hour for lunch…during the day. Im 180lbs and want to be at 130 but 145, 150 the most. I have 2lb weights and a gazelle glider that i just got today.
I guess my question is i know i eat to much but …i eat healthy…sometimes . but is it possiable for me to eat what i want just smaller amounts and workout everyday for at least an hour on the gazelle and get to my goal weight?????


65 Will

Well Lisa, it is said that a calorie is a calorie. But I am not sure I agree. You can lose weight by eating less of whatever you want. My opinion is that someone who eats a very healthy diet but is 20 or 25 pounds over their ideal weight is probably in a better spot health wise than someone who is at their perfect weight but eats nothing but junk stuff. Think of the extreme example of someone who smokes to curb appetite and therefore is thin. Are they healthier than someone that eats a good diet, drinks no soda, and does not smoke, but is 25 pounds overweight? I don’t think so.

Start by trying to eat healthy. Drink lots of water, not soda. Then I bet you will eventually reach your goal.


66 Meade

People focus too much on weight loss , and not enough on fat loss . Fat loss should be the goal. Weight is relative, but you can be your ideal weight and still have too much body fat. The problem is most people think the number on the scale equals true health and how in shape they are. People cant just diet. The end results will not be the same.You must exercise. Diet is very important, but if you dont lift weights and do routine exercise 4x a week, you will not be in shape. If you just eat less, you may end up with a lot of loose skin too. Most people are not in shape, even if they are thin. They still have too much body fat. This is what we need to focus on. Not just losing weight.


67 Will

You are exactly right, Meade. In my case I like to think I am in pretty good shape, especially since I have a physically demanding outdoors job. But on the other hand I am pretty much 10 or 12 pounds over what I think is my ideal weight for my age. But I would rather be 10 or 12 or even 15 pounds above ideal and be in shape than be at my ideal weight, but never exercise or do anything physically demanding.


68 vannessa

Well my name is Vanessa. I’m fifteen years of age, & i’m about 5’3 – 5’4. I weigh about 170 pounds. I know that isn’t in any well healthy for my age, I should weigh about 140-130. I can’t seem to find out why I feel the need to eat constantly. My appearance does not look “Over weight” But I am chubby. I do not like the sight of my own look. I’ve been trying to lose weight, But not in any dangerous ways such as being bulimic , Anorexia Ect. I’ve tried cutting soda And other sugared drinks out, I’ve done so for about a month with only drinking water. Somehow it went back to my bad habits. I really want to make my self better. I’m about to be sixteen Almost done with high school. I don’t want to lose weight for anyone else but myself. Three – five months ago I had gotten jeans. At the time they fitted me lose. Now There tight on me, can barely fit. It makes me a bit ashamed to have let myself go in this way. I am stressed for my age worrying about school collage and what I care to be in the future, Having a good job. See I fear That is what makes me eat. Being Such a young person with the mentality of someone older. The stress of worrying. I just want to feel good about myself Feel a self achievement, but I honestly do not know where to start. I know the first step to losing weight is to acknowledge the bad habits & I have. I eat a lot. More then I should. I eat fast food and more then I should in a day. I need a sure what that’ll help me lose some of this weight. I know pounds do not come off in two weeks & it takes Time. I want to change for the better of myself, Especially since I’m diabetic. Hopefully you can help me with this problem I have here. Please and thank you.


69 Will

Well Vanessa, you seem to have a good handle on what the problem is. I do think you need to try to find some professional help though. Especially if you have diabetes. I guess the place to start is with your primary doctor. Maybe they can help or refer you to a nutritionist. If you go to college after high school, maybe the college will have professionals or programs to help. A support group to go along with help from your doctor may be a good idea. You sound a bit like you think you are in this alone, but that is not true. Many people your age are struggling with the exact same issues.

Do stop the soda habit though. I know it is hard, but, especially if you are drinking a lot, cutting it out of your diet is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Good luck.


70 Melissa

In order to lose weight, you need to know how the body and food work together. Without energy, our body would cease to function, would slowly break down and eventually cause our death. Our bodies create the energy we need by using food as its “fuel.” If we are giving our bodies bad “fuel”, namely junk food like highly processed carbohydrates, then our bodies will struggle to run properly. Certain nutrients are needed to make good fuel for our bodies such as protein, good carbohydrates, minerals, fat, vitamins, and lots of water.


71 Yetta

Hi my name is Yetta…. I am thirty two years of age, a mother of a two year old, work full time and go to school part time for Nursing. I consider myself a healthy eater but craves sweets alot after the birth of my son. I recently got on the scale and was upset that I allowed myself to gain some of the weight I lost about 3 yrs ago. I used to be 307lb.s at 5’5. My lowest weight was 215lbs. I’m finding it hard to get motivated for exercise and do believe my portions are out of control. I am currently 255lbs. Does anyone have tips on portion control and exercise?


72 Will

Like most in your situation, I think you are at the point where you need professional help from a nutritionist maybe. Being in nursing, you know about the importance of diet so it is not an education need, but rather a need for specific help that will give you gradual, long-term results. You need to change your diet and lifestyle and that is a hard chore. A good nutritionist can work wonders. There are a few that read and comment here so maybe one will have some specific suggestions on how to find a good nutritionist where you live. They are not all the same at all!


73 gaby

Hi will!

My name is Gaby and im probably one of the youngest people to leave a comment since im 14. Ive been obssesed with my weight (135lbs 5’4) ever since two years ago I got 30 pounds heavier.
I actually do like to eat healthy, many fruits, but when im in school is very hard to see all my friends eating chips and stuff and not getting any fatter. I want to lose 15 pounds at least. Ive been on thousands of diets and none have worked for me. Honestly i hate exercise but i just started playing squash and i love it. I also go on walks in my neighborhood since its pretty mountain like.

So really the only help i would like is how to have the will of not eating my friend’s chips and not eating so much.

Btw i loved your blogg



74 Will

Hi Gaby – I think at your age you are very advanced in your thinking about a healthy diet being the way to control your weight. Exercise is important so it’s great you are liking squash. I might suggest eating more vegetables to go along or replace some of your fruit. Also greens are probably one of the best foods to eat. Try to get a taste for salads with dark green of colorful lettuce. I add veggies to many of my salads. Also I will sparingly use Feta cheese, and other additions to make my salad my meal. But the bulk of it is the greens. It does take a lot of willpower to resist the sweet and/or salty foods when they are right in front of you but resisting is the only solution! Good luck and thanks for commenting.


75 Dan


I have always been a bigger guy then my friends and I have always played sports. So when I saw that I was 218lbs and way over the healthy weight (191lbs) I decided I had to change the way I ate and exercised. My goal was to get to 200lbs by the end of August (I started in late June). I first started running a mile a day. My goal was to build up but make sure to run at Lear sex times a week. Then I added more and more to my running. I am currently at four miles and counting at 4 times a week. I have included jump roping for 30 minutes a day on my off days of running. So I am basically exercising everyday but mixing it up. Before I started doing all this exercise I knew I had to change my diet. My diet before all this was carefree and effortless. I would eat upwards to 3,000 calories a day without any exercise. It was a bad habit. So I changed how I ate and set a goal for 1800 calories a day with exercise. I have stayed true to my calorie goal for two months. I eat three servings of veggies, fruit and some sort of lentils or nuts for added protein. I eat meat very seldom because animal fat isn’t the best for the human body. I also try to stay away from dairy because there are there are other ways to get calcium. So I have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. As of August 26th I am weighing 193lbs. I have lost 25lbs in A little more than two months. I feel energized and super healthy. It’s all about what you eat and how much you eat. If I just exercised and didn’t watch what ate I’d still be around 215lbs. So I hope this story helps out the younger people reading this blog. I am a 21 year old college student who drinks
and doesn’t have time for much in my day but I can’t always find an hour to exercise and eat healthy. Yes, I understand I’m young and weight falls right off of me but even if you are older you can still lose weight fast by doing this. Try reading ‘The Optimum Nutrition Bible’ for great ways to eat healthy and find out what foods are great for the body. It just goes to show that anything is possible and you can still eat what you like but all in moderation and with portion control. Thanks for this blog Will. I really enjoyed it.


218lbs to 193lbs


76 Will

Congratulations Dan! That was actually quite a fast weight loss but being young is an advantage. I remember when I was in my 20’s if I skipped a meal I would lose a few pounds! Now many years later, if I just THINK about eating a big Italian dinner, I gain a few pounds! So getting into the good diet lifestyle at your age is a great choice to make.

One thing you might think about is adding fresh vegetable juices into your diet. It is a bit of work to do but it really makes a difference in how you feel. I am going to do a long post soon on a new juicer I have that replace the one I had for the past 15 years. Maybe I will time that with a couple of posts about how and what I juice and what the benefits I have found are.


77 Stephanie Cong

I don’t know how to lose weights fast. I do eating less for three days already. I was 153 pounds. Now I am 150 pounds. I feel sad because I miss the good stuff. I like drinking sodas and ice cream. I stop but can’t lose the weights fast. What can I do?


78 Ella

Hi! I’m 22 yrs old. I’m 5.6″ and weigh 145 lbs. About 2 years ago, I was 132 lbs and Im trying to go back to 132, but I can’t. I’ve been running on treadmill for half an hour 5 times a week, but I don’t eat a lot, and not healthy. There can be a day that I’m not hungry at all. I have a tiny waist (XS/S) and bigger butt/thighs, size L (in younger females sizes). I’m trying to lose my butt/hips/things weight, as I remeber when I was 132lbs my things were thinner and I could fit into size 5 pants instead of 9. Is it possible to lose those thighs/hips fat if I eat less, and not exercise?I’m afraid that with treadmill workouts I’m gaining muscle and my legs look even more puffy. Please advice. Thank you!


79 Ellen

Thank you will for all the information. I like to walk a lot but I think my problem is eating less. Also is drinking tea and coffee with no sugar a good thing??? I have tried every diet you can possibly think of and it all works for a few months and I gain it in a few days


80 matt


I’ve read that even though coffee doesn’t have any calories, the caffeine apparently spikes blood sugar which makes your body start storing fat instead of burning fat. You may want to either try one of the fat burning coffees that are out these days or maybe take a break from it if you’re trying to loose weight…


81 Will

Hi Matt – Back in 2004 – 2005 there were a lot of studies that appeared to show a link between caffeine and blood sugar levels. Now many researchers think the connection is small, unless you already have impaired blood sugar mechanisms, especially if you have type II diabetes. I thin if it is potentially bad for those folks, it may also not be great for the rest of use. Plus, many people who drink coffee use a lot of refined white sugar in it.

Caffeinated drinks are bad for you in other ways too, so reducing consumption is a good idea.


82 Floxy

thanks for all this information am getting here for free. am a lady of 26 and i do a job that makes me sit in front of the computer for a long time. i notice this has been adding more weight to my body. i try to eat less since i dont really like exercises, it causes a lot of body pain for me!
for Breakfast
i take tea with a spoon full of skimmed (no fat) milk and 6 piece of fiber Active biscuits.

for lunch
i take small quantity of white rice (since is the most available rice in my Country (Nigeria) with vegetable and a 2 piece of meat and a lot of water.

take water melon and pineapple for snacking

for dinner
beans and plantain with vegetable and fish
i drink a lot of water.
i take very little Alchohol and coca-cola on rare occasion.

but i really don’t know if am eating healthy because am putting on belly weight.
please i would really appreciate your advise.



83 Jon

Great healthy eating tips. It still amazes me how many people think it is the type of food alone that leads to weight gain. I heard a story about a guy that ate 40 oranges a day and wonder why he was overweight, and one woman once asked me why she was overweight even though she ate a kilo of papaya every day!

Calories in, calories out.


84 Heather

This is to Jon. I don’t know if it’s just calories in, calories out. I have a friend who recently became a raw foodie. She joined this site that advocates eating 30 bananas a day or 3000 cals worth of raw food. She is noticably losing weight! I’m not kidding. It’s something I don’t understand….


85 Jon

I am pretty sure it is down to calories. Of course, the body has to work harder to absorb the energy from raw food, and there is also more was wastage (i.e. some of the food is not fully digested and the energy never released). Assuming that they are also active and exercising then 3000 calories may well lead to weight loss.


86 rachel

Hey, This is really good of you to just go straight to bed with out dinner.
I can not, I often find I eat before bedtime as it helps me nodd of to sleep.
Sometimes its a lot, others its a banana or chips or something.
I have lost weight in the past from lowering my calories, and have gained by increasing them. Now I exercise a lot and eat less in order to slowly ecrease the amount of body fat that I have.


87 Dan

Looks like you’ve covered every important steps to lose weight. I feel that you must also have the determination to follow your plan. Like myself, recently I was too busy with my working life that I felt tired after work. This has made me skip my gym session a few times. But I have also managed to push myself to drive to the gym some time.

It may not be easy when you’re driving there but the outcome after the gym session was great. I felt good. 🙂


88 John

I find that fasting for a day can drastically reduce your appetite do this is a great way to start a new diet of healthy foods if you have enjoyed the unhealthy lifestyle like I did. Eating healthy and exercising regularly has helped me to shed 50 pounds in 6 months. When I find myself eating too much again, I fast for a day and the appetite goes back down.


89 Monika Dubey

Really helpful and informative post!!
Thankyou for sharing such great post!!
Looking forward for more !!


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