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abraham_bloemaert_reduced   After publishing this past Friday’s post on the White House Garden, I received an almost immediate email reminding me of a comment I made a long time ago.  Although I have published a few posts on gardening topics over the years, I have not made good on my promise to make them a regular part of the site’s content.  Apparently a year or so ago in a comment thread on one of the gardening forums I sometimes visit, it was asked of those of us that have blogs: “what it would take to make posts on how to grow vegetables a regular part of you site?”  I answered, as did many others, that there were already many sites devoted just to this topic and the need to add more to the conversation just was not there. The original forum poster then stated that they wanted to know what it would take, not whether it was needed.

I can’t find the original forum thread, but the email I received reminded me of my response.  I said I would do it when the White House put in an organic vegetable garden.   I guess I am now committed to making a gardening post at least a somewhat regular part of this site.  They are fun to write and do usually seem to get several comments so I will see what I can do.

If I just make more of my Wordless Wednesday posts photos of my garden, will that count?  hehe.  Maybe not.  The truth is that there has probably never been a more important time for people to grow more of their own food.  The economic, environmental, and health aspects of organic vegetable gardening are all crucial to the sustainability of our modern societies.  And, it is not as difficult as it may seem.  Almost anyone, no matter where they live can grow some of their own food.  If thousands of us lowly bloggers do nothing more than document our own efforts to grow healthy organic vegetables, maybe we can entice a bunch of new recruits to grow their own carrots.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hey Will,
I’m blaming you for my sore back!
I read your White House garden posts this weekend, and I’m not sure if that’s what triggered it, but I then got motivated to pull out my last year’s tomato (got about a dozen red tomatoes off it this spring) and also dig up a new small section of yard for some more vegies, and get the pots and spots and wine barrels ready for planting. Anyway, I think I lifted something wrong, because now my back is sore. Ah, the dangers of home gardening. 🙂 ~ Steve

Steves last blog post..Remember When


2 Anna

Thanks Will.

Hey Steve, if you bend one way you always have to unbend yourself the other way, lol…..

This is something we tend to forget, stretch, take a break ….

Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..Juvenile Cedar Waxwing – The Spring Result


3 Wilson Pon

Oh, Will. It’s a very nice post, as it teaches me how to “garden posts” efficiently, where I didn’t even think about it before. Great stuff and thanks for sharing with us!


4 Will

All right Steve, I guess I have ignored you long enough. I hope you have learned your lesson that if indeed you live someplace where you can harvest “about a dozen red tomatoes” in March, you DON”T RUB IT IN ON THE BLOG OF A GARDENER WHO LIVES SOMEWHERE WITH A REAL WINTER! Otherwise your comments may go unanswered for an undetermined length of time. 😉

And Anna – That is a good one that I have not heard before. “if you bend one way you always have to unbend yourself the other way” I will remember that.


5 Heskie

I’ve only recently started to appreciate how exploring the blogosphere can turn up snippets of useful information and not always in obvious corners. I love Will’s comment: “If thousands of us lowly bloggers do nothing more than document our own efforts to grow healthy organic vegetables, maybe we can entice a bunch of new recruits to grow their own carrots.” That is exactly what I am hoping for. It seemed odd at first, surely the place for gardeners is in the garden, but recording what we do online and sharing helps us all to learn, to grow and to encourage.
All power to your elbow Will, thank you.

Heskies last blog post..Rain, did I say Rain?


6 Will

Thanks for the kind comment, Heskie. You are really promoting gardening better than I am on your great blog. I love the title and the passion you show in your posts!

By the way, I was going to comment on a post on your blog but saw you do not have the name/url option on your comment form. I would suggest adding it. I bet you get more comments from those of us that do not have any of the other commenting accounts.


7 heskie

Hi Will, thanks for your comment, I hope we can all help each other – and not just of gardening it seems, I’ll go and look at that, thanks!

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