How Wide is Your Display?


Yesterday, after a couple of comments from readers, I figured out that this site had not been displaying as well as it should have for people without wide-screen monitors. So, I spent quite a bit of time learning about the problems, but now have a much better grasp about how CCS and screen resolution work together. The details of getting it all resolved are many and confusing. Suffice to say that one of the most important things I learned is that it is often best to specify the height and width of images with percentages rather than pixels in your style sheet and in html. Many changes to the CSS and sidebars later, I think it is working much better.

I can’t believe how polite all my readers seem to be. As you can see from the numbers below, at least 1/3 of 4,300 visitors in the past two weeks, and for months before then, were not seeing my images and sidebar correctly. Only this past week did someone leave a comment about it. I found a quote yesterday from a couple of years ago, before wide-screen monitor usage increased. It said to “design for your visitors, even if it means that your design looks terrible on your high-resolution wide-screen laptop”. Well that is exactly what I did not do because I use a wide-screen laptop. Now, thanks to Google and JD, I know!

Please do not hesitate to let me know about anything you see that does not look correct to you. Even with my education from yesterday and increased vigilance, with all the different browsers and monitors people use, I might not be aware of a problem unless someone tells me. You can leave a comment on any post or use the “Contact” link at the top of any page to alert me if you see anything odd. Thanks!

Now just for interests sake, I will list below the monitor resolution profile of the visitors to this site over the past two weeks. As you can see there are still many people using 1024 X 768 monitors. If you were one of these people, I apologize for not being as knowledgeable as I could have been about CSS and screen resolutions. I sure learned a lot about it in these past 24 hours and have tried to change the design so that it is the best compromise possible for the first three resolutions listed. After all they make up 68% of my visitors. Hopefully it is much better now!

Lastly, look at the 73 visitors, 1st from bottom of the list. The only thing I have to say is about them is: I want one of those too!!!

Resolution ———Number of Visitors —— Percent of Visitors

1024×768 ———— 1,467 ——————— 32.44%

1280×800 ————— 919 ——————— 20.32%

1280×1024 ————- 634 ——————— 14.02%

1440×900 ————— 419 ———————- 9.27%

1680×1050 ————- 321 ———————- 7.10%

800×600 —————- 148 ———————- 3.27%

1152×864 ————— 141 ———————- 3.12%

1280×768 ————— 127 ———————- 2.81%

1920×1200 ————— 73 ———————- 1.61%

1600×1200 —————-66 ———————- 1.46%

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Will Sig
1 A.

It’s perfect now, from my point of view. Incidentally, I have several visitors with 800×600 resolution!


2 Will

Thanks! I know there are still people who have those. I asked a couple of other sites about their visitors and it varied depending on the type of site. Because it is so difficult to get it perfect for all displays, I think it best to focus on the ones that make up individual percentage of more than 10%.


3 Huston

Great statistic. Is it real?


4 Bob

Ignorance is bliss, never noticed anything odd, but it looks great now, I’m a 1400×900.


5 JD Thomas

Still looks fine to me. 1280×1024 here.


6 Abhinav Sood

Customizing your blog for the minimum resolution used by the maximum of your readers is very important. Your blog can be smaller than the wide-screen resolutions so that it fits in the view but it shouldn’t be wider than the view for anyone because readers don’t like to use the scrollbars much. Horizontal scroll bars still lesser!

But after such customization you can always optimize your content block to be as wide as it can be, for more usability.

Good Day.


7 Jason

1440×900 on my new 22″ Acer… love it!


8 Will

Man that is nice! I bet enough room to have two full windows side by side. What a treat.


9 Puneet

i am using this resolution :- 1024 x 768 .. HP

and it looks gr8 … havent notices any probs with me here 😉


10 Anna

Hi Will, I promise to be more honest from now on, lol. I have to tell you, you are one of the kind to take the constructive criticism very well, I am always very careful what I say and try to tune to people emotions, which is hard sometimes when you blog. However, I will do my best, thanks for the info. I myself have wide screen for about three years now, and I love it, I don’t see bottom of my documents most of the time, but we usually read from left to right, and the bottom will come along, same with pictures, most of them are in the landscape orientation. Thanks again, Anna 🙂


11 Technology Slice

It looks good to me.


12 Betty

Looks good to me too…Anyway, thanks for your effort to make your reader got the best view. That’s very nice and we do really appreciate.


13 Steve

Will, I am on a 1024×768 display, and all looks as it should I think. I understand what you are saying though. We have an “old school” TV (that is 4 or 5 year old “normal” TV) instead of a “fancy pants” new flat-screen/wide-screen display TV. I think I’ve noticed that some sports programs (i.e. superbowl) and also CNN are now broadcasting “wide screen” and the edges aren’t showing up on our TV. This is really annoying watching election returns when part of the map and some sidebar numbers aren’t visable. I not ready to go out and buy a new flat screen TV though when the TV I have isn’t that old and works just fine (and uses less electricity than either a new big PLASMA or LCD TV would). Oh well. ~ Steve, purveyor of fine trade show display booths and other trade show sundries


14 Beyonce

I dont really know how wide is my monitor though i can say that its really great its an acer tc0 ’03 x193. And im very much happy with it.


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