Improving Your Shopping to Improve Your Health


Here are several small changes you can try to improve your shopping habits. If you have had success with ways to improve your food shopping choices, share those ideas in the comments.

There is one recommendation I hear a lot when it comes to shopping and diet. “Do not shop for food when you are hungry!” As funny as this may sound, it is very good advice for more than the obvious reason of appetite. If you are hungry when shopping, in addition to buying more food, your food choices will be much more impulsive. If you shop for dinner on the way home from work, after skipping lunch, this is a recipe for disastrous food choices.

If you are less hungry when you food shop, it is easier to put healthy items into your cart. So, how to do it? One recommendation if you know you will be food shopping in the late afternoon, maybe on the way home from work, is to eat a late lunch. If you are going shopping in the morning, eat a good breakfast before heading out. Even if the shopping is decided on at the last minute, grab a snack to take the edge off before you get into the grocery store.

Another way to improve what goes into your cart is to shop at stores that offer healthier choices. If you are shopping at a food co-op or at least a grocery store that has a good produce and health food section, it is easier to make better choices.

You can also give a lot of thought to making your shopping list and then do your best to stick to it. Try writing a reminder message about making good choices on the top and bottom of the list.

An important thing to remember, if you are like me, anyway is this. Once food makes its way into your house, it will most likely get eaten, even if it is not a healthy choice. Most of us do not want to waste food and will finish what is in the cupboard even if we know it was a bad choice at the market and would serve us better if it went straight into the trash can.

here is another problem I sometimes call this the “Parent Food Trap”. If you shop with your kids and let them get the Fruit Loops or Spaghetti O’s, then you are more likely to eat them also. When you are hungry, even the worst of kid food can look appealing. I recently had this experience with leftover birthday cake! Yum, yum as it went down…. Yuck, yuck a few hours later as I fought the sugar blues!

However you do it, by eating before shopping, making a list and sticking to it, leaving the kids at home, if you refine your shopping habits, you will find it easier to improve your diet and your health.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Hey Will, I cannot find the right cycle, or to go shopping after the meal – I always shop hungry, lol. We usually try to finish everything in the fridge – don’t like to waste food – so sometimes, having some temporarily frozen food in the freezer, and getting some extra food from parents or parents in law, we can go without shopping for two weeks, but we usually wait until no food, and you know what happens next, we shop really really hungry. Lucky us we are on the healthy food program, so we are okay, but like my big mac addiction (doing well so far), my husband love the chips store section, lol.


2 Will

Anna, if you folks always shop hungry and still manage to only get the food you know you should, that is great and shows a lot of willpower!

The real damage from wanting to finish everything in the fridge comes when you have children, teenagers or others in the house that don’t eat as healthy as you want to. I have to be real careful or I find myself finishing things I would never buy for myself.

I like chips for lunch with cheese or salsa. I have found many more healthy kinds of chips are now available. Two of my favorites are Sunflower Blue and Sesame Blue chips. I try to limit them, though as we are indeed a nation of corn fed people. The high fructose corn syrup is the worst offending corn product.


3 valerie

Good advice! My mamma told me about not shopping while hungry and I try to always make sure I don’t do it. I do notice that when I DO shop hungry… well, the pocket book does reveal it!


4 Anna

Thanks Will always for your great comments back. I have to let you in on a little secret, we have this great Canadian Superstore around the corner, and they have this Blue Menu products that can be easily picked up off the shelf and not to worry that it is not healthy for you. Before we were introduced to Blue Menu, I read carefully all the ingredients to see if they were fooling us, but to our surprise, it was all good. So yeah, healthy store helps, and the prices are good, and since it is around the corner, we walk sometimes, or if we drive, it saves us on gasoline. Anna 🙂

BTW …just about comment you made on my blog, I allow any links from Post a Comment, you have good stuff here and if you want to mention your great ideas or post links you are more thank welcome. 🙂


5 Will

Valerie – Yes shopping when hungry can be bad both for the waist line and the bottom line! Thanks for your comment!

Anna – Thanks! And good to know that you allow a link in post a comment in Blogger. Most Blogger sites, it seems that when you post a comment with a link, the comment just disappears. I guess eaten by a spam filter! I like the WordPress method of allowing you to specify how many links you allow in a comment and anything over that, the comment goes to moderation.



6 diet k plan special

hey, next time i go shopping ill be sure to go after dinner not before! other thing i do is comparing the amount of fat between 2 products, for example, the cereal, i prefer the one with more fiber..



Another important tip is to shop at knee level. Marketing is down to a science; vendors know that most people look for items at eye level. Therefore, items at eye level tend to cost more than items at foot or knee level. It’s no accident that candies are placed in the checkout — parents will more often than not make that impulse candy purchase to quiet their children. Interesting, isn’t it? These candies are always within reach of children!

QVCs last blog post..P.S. I Love You


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