It’s Strawberry Season!


Just now we are getting our first hint of the summer weather to come with the temperature reaching 85 today. This time of year my vegetable gardens are mostly in the anticipation stage with plants just getting started. The peas are a couple of feet high though, with the first blossoms, and I have had my tomatoes out in the garden for 1 to 4 weeks now, depending on the variety. Even with the possibility of a frost for a couple more weeks, I feel the tomatoes are safe in their “Wall O’ Water” protectors. The lettuce loves this spring weather so we have several varieties right now and with the longer days, the chickens are also providing lots of eggs. (When we can get them out from under the broody banties)!

Now are you wondering what this has to do with strawberries? Well, during the summer I grow such an abundance of organic vegetables that I exchange some with farm stands for fruit and other locally produced goods I don’t have myself. This early in the season, the only things I have extra of are eggs and lettuce. Fortunately one of the local farm stands is happy to get the eggs in exchange for local organic strawberries. Much like tomatoes in the peak summer season, strawberries from the supermarket just can’t compare to strawberries fresh off the vine.

Until 2 or 3 years ago, our friends and neighbors grew strawberries on some of the 15 acres they have behind our house. Our supply of fresh picked was only limited by the time we had to pick them and we definitely were spoiled. We ate them several times a day and froze some for later in the year. When the wind blew in the direction of our house, the air was thick with the scent of ripe berries. Now, like most of you, we need to seek out our organic strawberries during the season when they are available. Even though we miss the unlimited supply, I think we appreciate them more this way.

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