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by updated 2011/02/12

The months of January and February here in the Pacific Northwest are usually quite cool and rainy. Yes we often get a week or so of false spring, but then the weather goes back to winter. This year is something else however. We had a normal, wet, November and first part of December but since then, with the exception of January 15th and 16th, nothing. I actually had to water the landscape this week, both at home and a work. Even as I type this I look out my window on a beautiful, sunny, day and think I should be mowing the grass instead of typing or working on websites.

The problem in this part of the country is that November through March is when we get our water for the year. It simply does not rain enough to make any difference during the other 7+ months of the year. So for a gardener like me, this weather is frighting. Without a good spring snow melt from the mountains, the reservoirs don’t fill and we have water shortages in the summer.

Our region’s drinking water supply comes from a spring that never seems to slow down. Our landscape water, however, is from snow melt via reservoirs and that is going to be a big problem if we don’t get some rain and snow soon. It does make for some nice, spring-like, photos of green grass and blue skies, but I wish every day for some clouds like those above!  I know large parts of the U.S. are snowed under this year with record amounts of the white stuff. Hopefully the weather patterns will change soon and send some our way!

Will Sig

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