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I have decided that from now on when I get an email question, I will not only do as I always have and directly answer the person who took the time to write, but will try to also write a post answering the question.

This came about because over the past week, out of the several emails from readers, 4 were asking specific questions and 2 of those had been asked at least once before. I’m thinking there is a likelihood that a question asked by one person will be of interest to others. So, even though I will continue to write articles on things that catch my own attention, some posts will now come about because of a reader’s question.

This will be definitely be a good thing, sometimes prompting me to research and write about topics I might not otherwise have covered. It may also make me post more regularly. Yesterday and today, for example, I have written a short piece for the local paper, (hopefully it will be accepted), and another letter to the Gates Foundation regarding their Small Schools Initiative. Tomorrow, I spend the day out hiking in a mountain lakes wilderness area with a regular group of hikers and my 12 y.o. daughter. In my spare time, I am supposed to be painting the exterior of the house! If I am not careful, it can be easy to go several days without posting here and I don’t like to do that.

Anyway, everyone feel free to send me a question directly, or to post a comment to an article with your question. If you find something on another web site that you find interesting, have questions about, or just think could be further explained or discussed, let me know. I will not only answer you directly, but try to write a post on the subject.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Hi Will, firstly, the form is working, as long as I don’t delete cookies from my browser. So may be that is remedy for your form. Well good luck with your chores and have fun hiking, and when I think of something I will let you know. Anna 🙂


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