Kids – Please Do Not Eat Your Bed!


How many times have I told you????  This week I am sure that the search that jumped out at me is a typo.  But thanks to Google, they still landed on my post about eating at least 3 hours before going to bed.  Still, I did have a laugh.  Hope you do too!   “what happens to kids when they eat their bed before sleeping”

I think it might spoil their appetite for breakfast.  Plus, they would then have to sleep on the floor.

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Will Sig
1 Tony McGurk

The mattress would surely cause a bloated feeling.


2 Will

Your comment for some reason made me remember reading years ago about The Man Who Ate a Car. He did it bit by bit over a very long time I think.


3 Binky

Ha, I did a cartoon on that (unposted, though)!
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4 Will

So maybe Binky was the searcher? 😉


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