Late Tomatoes and Early Pumpkins.


This year has been a very slow one for my tomatoes. Usually by now I have hundreds of pounds to bargain with, but this year I have had only about 1/3 the normal amount ripen so far. One new, (for me), variety that I tried this year is very healthy, but full of only green tomatoes. As we could get our first frost any time in the next few weeks, this could be near the end of the season.  Fortunately my Roma types have finally ripened so I can make sauce.

My pumpkins and squash,on the other hand, ripened early this year.  Some of the vines are already turning brown and I plan to harvest soon. Many years it is at least 2 or 3 weeks later than this before I harvest the whole crop.

The peppers are finally in full production.  Our climate is such that peppers do not come on until September, but then watch out!  I always have way more than I can use, even after I freeze bags of them for winter use.

Here are a few photos:

Roma Type Tomatoes

Peppers Turning Red

Still a Few Beans

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Will Sig
1 Tony

Those tomatoes look beautiful. I grew Roma’s for the 1st time last season & I had a ripening problem with only those. I left some on the plant so long hoping they would ripen & they went rotten rather than turn red. Beautiful plump peppers, we call them capsicums here. Ours always do really well.


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