Low Carb Diets Unhealthy


No-carb_pork_reduced2A new study claims to definitively show that a diet based on meat, dairy, and other high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate foods leads to higher death rates than the average population.   This is another study that makes me say “duh…”, but I suppose it is needed given the popularity of these Atkins style diets.  A summary written by the Daily Telegraph in the UK can be read here.

Really folks, all carbohydrates are not bad for you, eat your fruits and veggies. Without them you might become a walking time bomb ticking down to a heart attack.

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Will Sig
1 Wilson Pon

Well, Will. Isn’t it better to become totally vegetarian? In that case, we won’t need to afraid the possibility of being the next victim of lifestyle diseases!


2 Will

Actually Wilson, there is a lot of evidence that eating the right kinds of fats, even quality grass fed beef and other dairy products, is healthy in many ways. I am not an expert on that specific recommendation, but I have seen it in many places. One person who comments here occasionally, Linda Prout, has some information on her site and in her newsletters on the subject. Look in my sidebar for a couple of links to her site.


3 JD at I Do Things

And whole grains! Don’t forget whole grains. (I’m a big oatmeal fan.)


4 Linda Prout

This study was done on MICE! Humans are are different from mice. The omega 3 fats, CLA and extra vitamin E in grass fed meat actually protects against heart disease, cancer, and obesity. Human studies are now showing the opposite of this mouse study. Researchers are also learning many studies showing fat and protein as unhealthful were manipulated to get these results. The WHO actually found those populations eating the most eggs have the lowest heart attack rates. One of Harvard’s most recent studies found women who eat the most saturated fat have the least plaque in their arteries. How do you explain the long lives and lack of disease in meat-eating Inuit and Masai populations? They eat almost all meat. My experience with clients shows people do best on the diet of the ancestors. Some do best on mostly meat, some do better on some meat with a lot of vegetables. Some do better on fish than meat. Many develop chronic intestinal problems on grains. We are quite individual in our needs but some people really do need meat to stay well and thrive.


5 Anna

Hey Will, I believe in moderation. And yes fruits and veggies, cannot live with out them. BTW did you know that the more carbs you eat the more you crave them. Thanks for sharing good information again. Anna 🙂
.-= Anna´s last blog ..Digital Postcard Series: Sea Monsters, Scilla, Italy =-.


6 Luc J

If I had followed every advice after each new study that was published, I wouldn’t have gone to the supermarket with the same shopping list for two successive weeks.
I think grandma was still right. Eat a bit of everything, sufficient vegies and fruit and don’t exagerate with anything – and you’ll be just fine. You’re avoiding the stress of “am I eating the right thing?”, which is already a good start.
.-= Luc J´s last blog ..Mosquito Bites Itch Relief – Click-Away =-.


7 Steve

Hey Will,
I echo your “duh”, and agree with LucJ about the wisdom of “grandma”… she’s pretty smart. All things in moderation (well, almost all things, or at least most things), plus have a good serving of “common sense” every day. ~ Steve
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Zombie Boot Camp =-.


8 Wilson Pon

Thanks for the kind feedback, Will. I’ve checked out Linda Prout’s website and WoW, I discovered many interesting tips that I never found in any other places! Thanks for the recommendation, Will.


9 Stephen Settle

To live a life in full swing with your health in control, we need to have a good diet plan. It should have all natural veggies 7 fruits.


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