Missed Geocaching Opportunity

by updated 2012/03/26

Have you ever been somewhere new and wanted to do something that you ended up not doing?  It happened to me today and I am still not sure I made the right decision.  I had to fly cross-country for a week and on the return trip had a connection in Philadelphia. This was my first time in Pennsylvania and my wait time was well over five hours so I certainly could not use time as my excuse for this missed opportunity.

Being a pretty avid geocacher, once I determined there was not an earlier flight to the west coast, I pulled out my cell phone to locate nearby caches.  There was one, aptly named “Philadelphia Airport” about 1,500 feet from my immediate location.  If I found it I could add Pennsylvania to my list of states I have found caches in.  This was a very attractive possibility.  There was one very large problem though…

To walk to the cache, which was hidden in the cell phone waiting area, I would have to EXIT THE SECURE AREA OF THE AIRPORT AND RE-ENTER THROUGH THE SECURITY CHECK POINT.  As anyone who travels knows, having a root canal would almost have been a more attractive option.  So unfortunately the great state of Pennsylvania will not be added to my state list.  I was here. I am sure I could have found the cache. I was just to much of a airport wimp to do what was required.

Oh well.  Back in the good old days of virtual and locationless caches I might have had a chance.  But those have unfortunately been transferred from geocaching over to the pretty much ignored website of waymarking.

Will Sig

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