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After writing a post on the “stomach flu”, I was interested to come across this article about a college being closed because of it. I wonder if this is unusual or if it has just caught my attention for some reason?

On different note, here is another “Duh” article.  This one says that brain scans have proved that bullies enjoy the suffering of others.  Why would that be news?  I can’t imagine a person being a bully if they did not get some sort of pleasure from inflicting suffering on others.

Is it fall where you are?  It sure is here.  Most of the leaves have fallen and I am spending hours cleaning them up.  With the pleasure of living in a rural environment, enjoying all the deciduous trees, comes the pain of collecting load after trailer load of leaves to compost for the garden and to spread out on the nearby field.  Leaves, tilled into the soil and allowed to decompose, are one of the best soil amendments available. They add organic matter, aerate the soil, and add nutrients and micro nutrients.  If you garden, improve the health of your soil and think twice before throwing those leaves away.

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Will Sig
1 Bob

Hey Will we save our leaves as well, your leaves on the ground look like a photo op, mine on the ground look like they have to be raked,lol.


2 Steve

hi again Will,
Another great picture. I clicked through to your “about me” page to remind myself how much property you have. Two acres makes for a lot of leaves to rake! Wow!
~ Steve (aka the trade show guru)
PS. Just scrolled up to look at that picture again. The composition and colors are awesome.

Steve | Trade Show Gurus last blog post..Joy of Fatherhood


3 dryskinwoman

will, i like it too. i’m a teacher and master of photograph club at my school. Next week we will introduce amateur photographer. Can you send some kind of photo to my mail? and little summury of your bio.. (if these photo are yours)

dryskinwomans last blog post..Dry skin care mask with Aloe vera


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