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I am back after a final week of camping with the kids before they go back to school.  Hopefully I can get quickly caught up on posts, visits to my favorite sites, and other things that took a back seat for a few weeks.  We had a great time with all kinds of weather, lots of campfires, and good food.  Sad to end the summer, but I am grateful that our kids still like to go camping as they get older.

I have enough photographs from the past two camping trips for several Wordless Wednesdays, so expect to see a few of those coming up.  I also have a great series of photographs of a previously endangered bird that has made an amazing comeback and I’ll put those together in a post also.

I saw and heard a couple of things recently that has made me wonder about the big media outlets as compared to us little bloggers.  A show on CNN titles “Earth in Peril” or something like that, focused a segment on the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.  On the one hand it is great to see a big media outlet like CNN bring attention to this issue.  O the other hand it is distressing to see how far behind they are on reporting it.  Even little old me wrote about the problem of ethanol killing all life in the Gulf of Mexico over 8 months ago. Another newspaper story focused the hormonal changes being inflicted on fish by soap and detergents going down our drains.  I, and others, wrote about these hormonal changes over a year ago.   Then last night I heard a few minutes of a radio show discussing the dangers of plastics, including of all the chemicals that we absorbing from our use of plastic containers to store our food and beverages.  They also went into the dangers of using Teflon pans to cook your food.  Ever read anything about the dangers of plastics this on this site?  LOL!

It seems that bloggers are often at the forefront of reporting stories, but too often don’t get enough reader penetration to bring the issue to the masses.  But, we still need to soldier on.  With enough people writing about the same issues, maybe awareness is indeed raised.  I just don’t know if, from a personnel standpoint, it is frustrating or rewarding to see an outlet like CNN come so late to reporting on something many of us have been writing about for ages.

Now a question.  I get a number of requests for healthy recipes.  I have always thought there were so many sites with recipes that I only rarely post any of mine.  I am currently helping a cook set up a site where she will focus on healthy food and recipes.  What do you think?  Are there as many of these sites as I think?  Or should I be more generous in sharing mine once or twice a month?  The few I have posted in the past get a lot of readers and some of those email me asking for more.  Recipe posts are a bit more work than a normal post, but if popular, are kind of fun to do.

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Will Sig
1 Swubird


It’s an important subject, but I don’t think we need specific recipes.
As you say, there’s already a lot of those all around us. What’s needed are more articles on the healthful and non-healthful aspects of food and its preparation. Like the one about Teflon pans. That was timely and informative. I was personally affected by that article. In my opinion, more people need to know about the potential ill affects of Teflon than how to prepare low-fat fried potatoes (if there is such a thing).

Happy trails.

Swubirds last blog post..THE NAKED HITCHHIKER


2 Linda Prout

I like the idea of providing cooking and prep tips. For example, many people probably don’t know most canola oil is genetically modified, and if not organic, probably contains enough Roundup to alter your hormones if used regularly. Use of olive oil protects against this risk. One needs to be particular about olive oil however as cheap brands are often cut with other kinds of cheap vegetable oils.

Also, I wonder if most people know commercial eggs may contain a synthetic dye fed to chickens to make the yolks deeper in color; unfortunately it damages the human eye. Buying from a local small farmer means safer and more nutritious eggs.

Do people know the government will soon be radiating lettuce and spinach? This may kill bacteria, but allows unsafe chemicals to form and possibly other nasty organisms to flourish. It also changes the texture of greens. To avoid a new health disaster, seek out sustainable produce from small local growers.

There are a lot of interesting things to know about ingredients and preparing foods that I think would be of great interest to your readers.


3 Will

Thanks for that suggestion Swubird. That latest post title of yours is really an attention getter! I will be over later to read and look at all the photos I am sure you included? hehe.


4 Will

Wow, Linda! Three subjects for future posts. I did not know about the dye in eggs or the canola oil. I really only use olive oil as that is what I like, but the rest of the family uses canola oil. Yuck. I am guessing the canola, like corn, is genetically modified to be immune to the Roundup?


5 Bob

Hey I always like recipes, you are right about the mainstream media not being on the forefront as much as bloggers, one thing I’ve noticed about CNN which is cool, is Larry King Live, he has done a lot of shows on aliens and possible visitors from above, it is cool he is able to bring such a topic into the mainstream over and over again. Hopefully we will hear more about the Large Hadron Collider in the coming days, seen more about it on the various blogs then the major networks, so sad.

Bobs last blog post..In Search Of Micrometeorites


6 Will

Hey Bob – I agree that the Collider is exciting stuff. I can’t wait to see what they discover. I wonder how long it will be after they start it up until news about what they find is released. One question though…. How does the Collider relate to aliens and possible visitors from above? I am open to any possibilities, but I don’t know enough about the Collider to see how it ties into life on other worlds?

And speaking of recipes, you should see what I am making for dinner tonight. Peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, onions, basil, oregano, all organic and from my garden, mixed with some organic whole wheat pasta. I’ll take a picture. The problem with me and recipes is that I just gather ingredients and make it up as I go. Never write anything down, never the same twice, almost always good. Cooking to me is more ethereal art than science.


7 Jennifer Robin

Coconut oil is another healthy alternative to canola, and has the added bonus of being well suited to high temperatures for frying, not something you want to do with olive oil as it converts the omega fatty acids to toxins when they are exposed to prolonged high temps.

Jennifer Robins last blog post..I Have Been Awarded…


8 Will

Coconut oil eh? Does it have a coconut taste? I do not really fry food, so olive oil works for me. Even sauteing with olive oil it is best to use low temps to preserve the taste that I love. Actually I could probably drink it!


9 Betty

Agree with the idea of healthy recipes post. Why don’t make series like Wordless Wednesdays or Sunday Search…I’m sure lot of your readers would love it.


10 Nigel

Hey Will, I hope you enjoyed your camping trip. I think that what would be better than posting lots of recipes would be having a section of your site dedicated to cooking. You could post a recipe once and a while, and post recipes submitted by your readers (such as this one: You could also write about cooking-related issues like sourcing non-GE canola etc., and double post when applicable.
If you decide not to do this, maybe I will, but like you said, it is a fair amount of work.

Nigels last blog post..The Ethics of Investing


11 flooring

I will definitely love to read your recipes and try them out.

BTW, this is my first comment on your blog, i am basically a quiet reader.

floorings last blog post..Basement Flooring: Form and Patterns


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