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wordpress badge That is the intent anyway and finally is being updated.  The whole site; theme, code, customizations, everything, will be brought from the dark ages of 4 years ago to something worthy of 2010, the second decade of the 21st century.  The second decade of the 21st century?  How on this blue earth did we get here so fast!!??  As I have spent more and more time developing websites for others, I have come to realize it is way past time to update this one.  For reasons of efficiency and marketing, I recently moved one of my other sites, the Website Services site, which needs a bit of updating itself, to a subdomain of  I also shuttered a website I started a couple of years ago but had lost interest in.  This still leaves a couple of other sites to maintain, but should put the focus back where it belongs, here, and in writing articles for other sites.  Ironically, even with all the work I have done for others in the past year, the “Healthy Living” part of is still using a theme from 4+ years ago, a theme that is not even widget enabled, a theme that is held together by so many hacks, I am spending days, hours, weeks, trying to convert everything to the tools I now use on other people’s websites.  Believe it or not, I still do everything here by hacking the core files running the site.  Quaint eh?  But even though I have learned so much in doing it that way, it is time to make use of code that people so much more advanced than me have developed.  WordPress as a content management system, combined with a premium, constantly updated theme, works so much better than what is in place here now.  So, I have recently spent time away from writing for this site and others, instead devoting the time to upgrading all aspects of  The changes will be evident in design, site speed, and features, but most of the work is happening “under the hood”.   My goal was to roll it out by New Year 2010.  That deadline is fast approaching, but I am almost there.  We’ll see if I meet it, but if not, it will be sometime in January for sure.   So stay tuned and be ready to provide feedback once the changes go live. Thanks!

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