MSN Live Mystery Solved


A while ago one of my Sunday Search of the Week posts noted some odd one word searches landing here from the MSN Live search engine.  Well today I found the reason for these searches.  Microsoft’s MSN Live web page crawler spoofs websites by telling them that it came from a Live Search results page.   It enters a single word into the record of the spider’s visit by choosing a word that comes from the page it is crawling.  Examples of this can be seen at the post linked above.

I have no idea why this is happening and it is too late tonight for me to spend time searching for the answer.  It is indeed odd, but harmless, behavior with no benefit that I can see to MSN Live by doing it.  I would welcome anyone’s ideas as to why MSN Live does this.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
I think a better title would be “Mystery Solved, New Mystery Uncovered”. 🙂
How did you come to this conclusion? I don’t doubt that the single word is on the page, but do you know this is why MSN is doing it? Are all you MSN searches a single word, and are they still doing it?
And as you and I both agree, the new mystery is why would MSN do this… ~ Steve, the stumped trade show guru

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