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That is not an ad for Anna’s blog, MyOnlyPhoto, in my right sidebar. It is her award for reaching 100 comments on this blog! I plan for it to display there for the next month. If you have not yet visited her site, click on the baby bird to see what you have been missing.

Not only have Anna’s comments here been a mainstay on most of my posts, she is a true friend to all her blogging buddies. Anna has two fantastic blogs with a large, loyal community of readers. I’m sure all the regular visitors here join me in thanking you, Anna, for your consistent support and commentary. I sure am looking forward to your next 100!  .

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Will Sig
1 Bob

Hey Will, great post, Anna has some great sites for sure. great person.


2 Will

Yeah – She sure is , Bob! You and JD better get busy if you are going to get to your own 100 comments and get that spot for a month!

I better start thinking now about what I will do when she gets to 200!


3 Puneet

saw ur Top Commentators … Anna (100)

thats gr8 of her sharing her opinions onto your blog posts here and is on the top of the commentators list 😉

i dont think i wud b able to touch that high here … lol


4 Anna

lol, thanks for the great post and comments. Why don’t we do the next mile stone at 1000 posts, lol. Will I think we have lot in common, so I tell you I will be here for a long time. Thanks again for the award and the comment you left on my blog too, it is appreciated.


5 Will

1,000!! Wow, Anna, now I am really flattered that you are even thinking of that milestone. If you reach 1,000, I will be speechless, a first for me!


6 Anna

Hey Will, why not, I am not going anywhere. I figure, 100 posts per 6 months, then this translates to about next 5 years, lol. BTW it will be cool how long all of us will last blogging, lol. Thanks, Anna 🙂


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