Nalgene Plastic Bottles to be Eliminated


Well, it sure is nice to see that sometimes our concerns and noise do lead to tangible results! Once in a while I get feedback along the lines of “if we worry about everything, life will be one big worry”. This is true to some extent, but when it come to our health, some concern and education about risks can only benefit us.

I have been only one of the many in the chorus of voices saying that we need to be concerned about our exposure to the chemicals in plastic. You can read a couple of my contributions here and here. Nalgene is only company, but it is a start.

The New York Times today reports:

Nalgene, the brand that popularized water bottles made from hard, clear and nearly unbreakable polycarbonate, will stop using the plastic… after reports that the Canadian government would declare the chemical bisphenol-a, or BPA, toxic.

The message is getting through. Pass it on! Now we need to address other types of plastic used in food and beverage packaging. Did you know that now you can buy prepared dinners in plastic tubs that are meant to go into a 400 degree over for cooking? I suggest that if you buy any of these prepared dinners, you transfer the contents to a glass baking dish before cooking.

Maybe other compounds like Teflon will be next on the list chemicals to be removed from food preparation. You can read this article on why you should retire your Teflon frying pans. We can only hope, and keep up the publicity of each new finding supporting the health risks of some of these compounds.

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Will Sig
1 Andrew Flusche

That’s some scary stuff! I’m glad I drink out of styrofoam cups. Wait. 😉

Seriously, I should forward this to some friends who always drink out of those bottles.


2 Will

I know, Andrew. I got so concerned, now I almost only drink out of glass, paper, or metal.


3 Bob

Woo Hoo, great news for sure, I always drink out of glass, absolutely hate the taste of stuff in styofoam anyways.


4 Swubird


Very timely article. I just caught it on the news this morning. I didn’t know plastic bottles were so bad for us. Teflon frying pans is a different story. I’ve used them ever since they first came on the market. They’re great to cook with, and easy to clean. But every time my scientist daughter comes to visit me, she admonishes me for not throwing them out. She wants me to use one of those old fashioned iron skillets. Hey, I may look like a cowboy, but I’m actually a city slicker! To keep piece in the family, though, I have seriously curtailed my use of teflon for cooking.

Very good article. have a nice day.


5 Frieda Gelber

How can I tell if the bottles that I have are nalgene? Cool Gear International Inc. #1and #7, New wave enviro products #7. Thanks. Is the manufacturer recalling these items and compensating us?


6 Will

Hi Frieda – I believe Nalgene is a brand name. Most water bottles made by Nalgene are mainly sold in sports and outdoor stores for runners and cyclists.

The problem is not only with bottles made by the Nalgene company. Look at the bottom of your bottles. I believe a number 7 on a hard plastic bottle indicates the bad news that the plastic contains the chemical bisphenol-a, or BPA. That is what you do not want.


7 Betty

Have we found another alternative to replaces plastics?…I know that plastics isn’t environmental friendly. But this material has several benefit which other do not have, such as very light…


8 Will

Betty – Good question. If you read the article linked below, you can see what I try to do for my water bottle needs:

I am planning to write a post about plastic alternatives for uses other than water bottles. It is not easy as there are still many plastic uses that are not easily replaced with other products. We have had so many years of cheap petroleum that plastic has made its way into every corner of our lives. It will take a while to find feasible alternatives, but there are some innovative things being developed.


9 Jennifer Robin

As always, I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles. I’ve been giving the nonstick pan issue a lot of thought lately, and it is a difficult choice to make because I have a glass cooktop and so few options are suitable for it; cast iron is not one of them! I love my stainless steel pans, but even they are not ideal for everything.
The plastic water bottle issue is timely too. Thanks for taking the time to research and make available all that you do.


10 Plastic Bottles

I don’t think plastic bottles will ever go away. There just needs to be someone to develop a safe plastic that won’t be as harmful as the current products. I also think that if recycling was more prevalent there wouldn’t be such an uproar.


11 Gk

The new Nalgene bottles are all BPA free.

I use Polystyrene (PS) clear bottles for juicing because they are cheap, 2.99 for an 8oz, 3.49 for a 16oz. The hold serious liquids like battery acid, car oil, and dangerous chemicals. It is the highest temperature yeilding bottle and the only one that is laboratory safe.

The new Everyday Triton bottles are off the charts good in nearly every category, but really expensive. some $20 or more each.


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