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by updated 2010/11/13

I sometimes get emails asking if I have written about a specific subject. This happens often enough that I decided to put up a specific sitemap page to supplement the chronological index to articles that resides on the home page. I set the sitemap to list pages and posts alphabetically so now there are two different indexes here. In addition, I have the usual search box that you find on many blogs in the sidebar. Hopefully this additional index will help people find what they are looking for.

What do you think? Do you think the new sitemap will help new visitors to this site see what else has been published here or does it just look like a long, confusing list? I actually liked seeing the posts listed alphabetically by title. It gave me some insight into the themes of what I have written on these past several years. It also drives home how important choosing a good title for a post can be, and tells me that I certainly have room for improvement in that skill!

On a somewhat related note, I was contacted by a reader, (who has never left a comment!) saying that he reads everything I post even though much of it is also available elsewhere, often with more expert analysis. He said that no matter the topic, my style of writing and some of my insights are unique enough so that he subscribes and comes back to compare what I have written with what he reads on other sites. Thank you Edward! Now stop keeping your informed opinions to yourself and leave a comment or two. Thanks! ;-)

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