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by updated 2011/02/18

I have been thinking about where to start on my rant about the USDA and their “update” to dietary guidelines.  If you have read any of my past posts on the USDA you know I am always frustrated by this “official” government agency and their press releases and guidelines.   And although I don’t even want to get started on the insane subsidies provided with our tax dollars to producers of unhealthy products….

These government subsidies are the number one contributor to the typically unhealthy diet we are so often blamed for eating.  The USDA and our elected representatives have done a wonderful job making unhealthy food cheaper than healthy food, enhancing the bottom line of some of the biggest corporations at the same time.  Now they come out with new guidelines that are supposed to help us overcome the effects of the last 50 years of official government food policy.

Anyway, not being a nutritionist, I really could not come up with anything expert and specific enough to counter some of the recommendations just released.  Fortunately I waited long enough that I don’t have too.  Linda Prout, (who, unlike me, is a nutritionist), dissected some of the new guidelines nicely in her latest post on the realities of cholesterol.  I recommend everyone head on over to her blog to read it.  I especially liked this statement: “the government pays corporate giants to grow corn for high fructose corn syrup, effectively making Twinkies cheaper than carrots, and Coke cheaper than orange juice”.  Could not have said it better myself.

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