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Because of my seeming inability to leave well enough alone and just concentrate on the business at hand, I have added a new feature to this site. Called Answer Tips, it allows you to click on any word in a post, comment, or anywhere else that is not already a link, and get a small pop-up box with a summary definition, etc. of the word. Just some unnecessary fun, the best kind!

Here are a few words I tried it on:

Plugin – This word, like some others is not up-to-date with its use on a blog.

Dirty Jobs – Some are current and surprisingly in-depth.

Bluefin – Some won’t always get you the most common usage.

youtube – It has the big websites covered.

techfun, myonlyphoto, willtaft – Unfortunately, it misses most of the superlative, smaller sites. – And, you can add a .com after anything and it will give you a “link”, even if the site does not exist. Whoops, that one DOES!

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