No More Phone Calls When Driving


Well driving a car at least!  I have been one of those people that makes an effort to not talk on the phone when I am driving. Usually I ignore the phone and get the voicemail later. However I do sometimes break that rule. I think that even though I have heard all the warnings about driving while talking, I guess I somehow thought I could do it safely when it was “needed”. Time for a change. I am going to do my best not to ever use the phone while driving. What brings up this change of heart? Not a close call. Not a problem with anyone I know talking and then driving off the road. What changed is this….

I read a book called Traffic that discusses in some detail exactly what happens to the brain when you talk on the phone while driving and it is some scary stuff. For some reason talking to a passenger in the car does not seem to have the same effect. I also listened to a radio show, podcast discussion, with a researcher that actually measured these brain changes. He claimed to have conclusively found that talking on the phone while driving, impairs you to the same extent as having a .04 blood alcohol level. I think that blood alcohol level would be approximately 2 or 3 beers in an hour for someone my size, something I have never done and never would do. So if this researcher is correct, even a stone cold sober phone call while driving is equal to drinking and driving.   Apparently using a hands free device does not help, it is the act of actually having a phone conversation that cause the problem.

What do you think?  Are you good about ignoring the phone when driving?  Have you ever used the phone while behind the wheel and felt it was dangerous?  According to the book, we are the worst possible judges of how well we ourselves are driving, so feeling in control when talking behind the wheel may be a very inaccurate assesment of how safe we really are.

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Will Sig
1 John Hunter

Good advice. Endangering the lives of others for selfish reasons is not acceptable. If the person choosing to drive drunk or while talking on a cell phone only killed themselves that would be one thing. But they are endangering others. We tend to see others that selfishly risk killing or injuring others as bad, but when we do it: “well that isn’t the same, I am not doing anything wrong” Sorry it is. The data is clear. Driving while talking on a cell phone endangers others for your own selfish desires. If you really want to talk right then, just park and then talk and then drive again.

Just like those driving drunk that believe they are fine, those talking on cell phones don’t see how risky their behavior is.

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2 Steve

Hey Will,
Great post. I’ve always felt that talking on a cell phone (when driving), or being tired, was almost as dangerous as driving drunk. It also makes sense to me that there is a difference between talking to a passenger and talking on the phone. I just know from personal experience that when I am following someone that is driving like a zombie, 90% of the time when I pass them, I see them yakking on a cell phone!
~ Steve, the trade show guru
PS. If ever there was a time to be “hands free”, I would say it is when driving a horse! Hilarious (and perfect) photo for the post. 🙂

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3 Anna

I think a bill was just issued recently in our region – no talk on the phone while driving. I did break rules before, but now no no! I actually hate talking on the phone in general, especially the mobile – main reason, my ears get hot, lol.

BTW once I got almost sandwiched by two people driving and talking on the phone, and then they just drove away like nothing happened!

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4 Viveca

I think talking on a phone while driving is as dangerous as eating, putting on makeup, drinking hot or cold beverages, smoking cigarette and talking over your shoulder to friends. I don’t want to ban phones because that gives the police something else to do besides catch the really bad fish out there … I trust people to have the brains to figure out what they can and can’t safely handle while driving.

Personally I talk less and less on the phone. I am back to enjoying my drives. I pull over and stop to make calls just as I do to eat or do anything else that requires more than normal concentration.

I bought into “multi-tasking” for many tiring years. Now I know that multi-tasking stands for multiple things done half-done and badly done!

Good topic. Thanks!


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5 Dane

I always thought that these “no phones in a car” warnings could be classified under BS category. But one day I was talking on the phone and passed crossroads on the red light. I switch off my sound so I can’t even hear the phone now!


6 Rich

There’s no excuse for driving whilst on your cell phone these days given that just about everyone knows they shouldn’t do it plus there are lots of affordable handsfree kits if your call really can’t wait. I still see people on their cell whilst driving everyday though, not sure why the message isn’t getting through to so many!


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