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This is really just a test post to trigger the Numly plugin to run.  A complete rundown of what Numly is can be found on an old post of mine at this link.  The Numly service is a good way to prove copyright of your blog posts and other digital intellectual content.  There are a few quirks with the plugin that we are trying to nail down now, so that is why this topic is current again.  I had stopped using Numly last August because of one of these quirks.

I have encountered several other people who use the Numly service and love it.  I also have heard from a few that want to use the service but can’t justify the cost of $60.00 per year for 100 numbers per month, 5 cents per number.  Right now Numly offers a free service that gets you 3 Numly numbers a month and then the next step is the $60.00 package.  Many bloggers want something in the middle like a plan for 30 numbers per month at a cost of 25.00 per year, 7 cents per number.  But that is a request for the Numly service owner and has nothing to do with how the plugin works.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

Hey Will,
I clicked through on this post just because of the title and wondering what Numly Numbers are. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s a great tongue twister… try to say it five times in a row fast. 🙂
Anyway, you didn’t include the link to your previous post, so I did a quick search and found it.
I have yet to do a search to see if any of my content from my new blog is getting copied. I’ll have to do that.
~ Steve, aka the trade show booths guru

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2 Will

Thanks Steve! I fixed the post. Tony at has been working on the plugin. Maybe he will end up hosting it for downloads to put it back into circulation.


3 Anna

Thanks Will, I will check it out, but like you said, $60 is a bit too much. Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..My Photography Year 2008 in Review


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