One Patient’s Cost of Health Care


I thought I would just put up a link to an eye-opening series of posts someone is doing about the costs of treatment for a friend undergoing cancer therapy. The site loads a little slowly, but it is worth the read.

We all know parts of our health care system are messed up, but it is really something to see the actual costs associated with one patient. I wonder if the change in leadership we will vote in come November will be able to fix things?

Here’s the link, what do you all think?

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Will Sig
1 Diane

The costs of medical treatment can be heartbreaking. Every time I see someone begging their health authority on the news to fund their treatment it makes me feel sad. In the UK there’s something of a postcode lottery. That’s health care dependent on where you live. In Wales you get free prescriptions, in Scotland the elderley get free care when they need help, in England it seems we get none of the treats and have to fight for the treatments that save us from cancer.
Anthony H Wilson, one of North West England’s more prominent tv reporters who was responsible for some of the biggest music scene to happen in the UK, died last August after having his friends fund cancer treatment our local health authority wouldn’t fund. The decision to fund or not fund seems unfair. Cancer treatments cost so much. Why? Is it the doctors and nurses fault? Is it the profiteering by drug companies? Is it the cost of researching new treatments?
Where does the huge expense come in.
I’d had a family relative die of liver cancer after being ill for 6 years. I know several women locally who’ve had and survived breast cancer.
Why is it so unfair that not everyone gets treatment? Why is it so expensive? If we can cure everyone then shouldn’t we?


2 Will

Your questions are all good ones and do we ever need answers to them!

One of the knocks against universal health care is that because of the cost, people will not be able to get the treatment they desire or need. Many think if the U.S. goes to a single payer system, we will just replace the current insurance company deciding what procedures to cover with a government office deciding.

Such an important issue, but one with no real solutions so far. It is shocking to see some of the itemized costs on the posts at political rogue.


3 Swubird

Most of out here in cyberspace have probably have either had cancer ourselves, or know someone close to us who has, or has had it. My mother survived it, and several people I know have had it. Some are no longer with us. And,the message is always the same, the costs and the paperwork are staggering. I found that out when my mother had it. And the sad news is that costs are just going to go higher, and the paperwork will get worse.

I live in the US where you either have an HMO, or a private physician. There’s not a lot of paperwork with HMO’s, but then you could easily die before they fix your problem. I have an HMO. And from what I hear, private physicians provide excellent service, but the paperwork is a killer. There just doesn’t appear to be any way out of the health care mess.

Do I believe the politicians will do something to help us. No. They haven’t so far, and I don’t see a lot of incentive for them to do any better in the future. After all, most politicians have great health care benefits. Now if we were to take those benefits away from them, maybe they would understand the problem a little better. So as a voter that’s my suggestion: remove all government paid health care benefits for elected officials. They can have their private benefits, that they pay for. But no government free-bes!


4 Will

Hi Swubird – Your last idea is very tempting! That might wake them up. Your statement that “There just doesn’t appear to be any way out of the health care mess.”, is sad, but may be a realistic view of the situation. Depressing.


5 Anna

Will I will check it out. I just recently watched movie called Sicko, did you see it? That was real eye opener for me, and how much I appreciate to live in Canada, even sometimes we complain too. Thanks for sharing, Anna 🙂


6 Will

I did not see it, but it has been recommended a few times now. I guess I will rent it.

I know a few people from Canada who complain that they have to wait a real long time to see a doctor. I am not any kind of an expert on health care, but I know our system in the U.S. is broken. And I know that no matter where you are, the best course is to live and eat well and try to stay healthy in the first place.


7 Bob

Hey Will I live in Canada, so I am very lucky indeed, My mother died of cancer at least the Government took good care of her financially , when my parents went down to the states one year they took out extra insurance, good thing, she was hospitalized for a few days and got the itemized bill later back in Canada unbelievable, 25,000 dollars, for a few test and medicine. Swubird is right , until the people in power have to pay their own bills there probably isn’t going to be any changes.


8 Technology Slice

That’s a lot of money. No wonder the government is trying to stem the obesity crisis. All those people getting sick more often from weight related issues are going to cost a lot more money to help.


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