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Because of articles I’ve recently written about the ingredients in personal hygiene and beauty products, I have received a few emails pointing out web sites that sell organic or “natural” personal care products. I am aware of these and there are many of them. In my town it is fairly easy to find these products in a variety of stores.

The natural or organic part of the industry has been around for a while and there are many choices available. Here is a very in-depth website article on some of the history of the cosmetic business. My beef with the traditional businesses in this industry is not with availability or even what products individuals choose to use themselves. What I have issues with is the labeling. Whatever products we buy, I believe we have the absolute right to know what the products contain. This is especially true with products we eat or put on our bodies.

It is not acceptable for manufacturers to be able to hide many of their ingredients behind the smokescreen of trade secrets. When you combine these hidden ingredients with deceptive product names the consumer is indeed being misled. You may think it unlikely that anyone can really believe that a product like “Herbal Essence Shampoo” is natural, or even contains herbs, but their many years of marketing success with this shampoo is based on suggesting that very thing.

Labeling is the key. It does not matter to me if it is food, shampoo, lipstick, sunscreen, clothes, or even pet food. We need to have the ability to easily read the list of ingredients and know for certain that every ingredient the product contains is clearly disclosed on that label.

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Will Sig
1 paulette

I agree with you Will. As a consumer we have the right to know what we bought. After all the manufacturers owed us what they do for living.


2 Anna

Hi Will, finally made it, and you again cracked me up with the photo, and I am seeing some lipstick too. Wow, that is lot of plaster on the face.

So in my opinion, when comes to cosmetics I don’t care if they are chemicals, organic, natural, will remove all my wrinkles, lol, I will not put on my face. Okay occasionally I powder my face a bit, when going out, and still if feels unconfortable. The point is even if it is natural or organic, it prevents your skin to breath properly.

Great post, and funny photo – nice lips, lol.


3 Will

No makeup! You’re my kind of girl, Anna! LOL! That’s a good point about the skin breathing. I’ll try that argument on my youngest daughter and see if she lightens up on the makeup a bit.



4 Anna

Hi Will and thanks. I think make up for teenage girls is very common – the peer pressure. I was like that too, but it took few comments later of how bad it looked on me (I think the guy on the photo has better job done, lol). That I just gave up and said, why waste my face and the money. I am sure she will also grow out of it. Anna 🙂


5 Crafty Green Poet

No make up is the only way to go! I keep all my toiletries to a total minimum and buy those that are most genuinely organic – its a hard task! You’re right about the labelling too


6 Will

Hi Juliette! What is it like in Scotland this time of year?

Do you buy most of your organic toiletries locally or on-line?


7 Lynda Lehmann

I am in total agreement. We are so used to seeing some ingredients listed, that we take them to be safe just because they are in common usage, when in fact, many of them are toxic or even carcinogenic.


8 Vivien (Loves cosmetics) Timson

I personally prefer mineral makeup and other organic makeup free of parabens and chemicals.


9 Edinburgh Lover

Misleading ingredients and false advertising has been going on for ages, and it’s one of those things that the US FDA does very little about, especially with food (pick up any food labeled as “trans fat free” and likely it will have hydrogenated oil as an ingredient, a trans fat.)


10 Alice Radio

yeah we should know the ingredient but cosmetic stuff impossibly could be pure and natural even what you said about organic things.


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