Over The Edge


Water over the falls

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Will Sig
1 GrammyMousetails

Yikes, this is even closer to the edge. to close for comfort. Hey, I thought you were going to give us the answer? how did you manage this w/o falling?


2 Will

I managed VERY carefully! 🙂


3 RK Henderson

Again, a very impressive place. Where is this, again?

Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit
RK Henderson recently posted..WW: A Hobie cat and a good windMy Profile


4 Will

It is just a bit outside of Coos Bay.


5 Binky

FallingWater! Haha. But where’s the house?
Binky recently posted..Wombania Fan Art VideoMy Profile


6 natalie

im sure that you have heard this a lot but still… this picture is amazing!!!! where is this place? and how did you manage taking this? hanging by a branch somewhere? 🙂


7 Will

I’m a risk taker when it comes to physical abilities and things like this. Much less so in everyday life. Maybe would be a wealthier man if I was?


8 natalie

im sure you would have been ;))


9 Lisa

Such a breathtaking photo! Have you stood there really? Weren’t you afraid? It looks really dangerous…
Lisa recently posted..Wolken auf dem HimmelMy Profile


10 Tony McGurk

What a great looking place There’s something so magical about waterfalls. Kind of wild & raging but at the same time so calming & beautiful. You sure have some great places to walk where you live Will.
Tony McGurk recently posted..Nude JoggersMy Profile


11 Steve

Hey Will,
Awesome picture (and “teaser” picture the week before)! But with my fear of heights, it gives me the serious willies! Looking at it I can feel my stomach coming up through my mouth… I could never have gotten in position to take the picture.
Steve recently posted..Best TV Commercial 2015My Profile


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