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What is it about the big “P”, Parade Magazine and me? Several times over the years I have found myself on their website, commenting on or taking issue with something they wrote about. Once I even got a direct response from someone there. Usually I have just had discussions with other readers on the Parade Magazine comment forum. My latest comment was in response to a September 23, 2007, Parade story on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Small School Initiative. I also wrote about another recent story they did here.

The Gates Foundation aims to “fix America’s schools”, but seems to be doing so at the expense of our best, most motivated, students. The size of the Gates Foundation also seems to make them very unresponsive to email inquiries, (or at least my emails), so I don’t know for sure if this is their intended objective.

I have written about this before if you are interested. For now, let’s sit back and watch the fireworks over at They often have some very opinionated commentators there! It would be fun if a few of them found their way over here. 🙂

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Will, yeah what’s with you and Parade magazine, lol. Anyway, cool stuff, like the idea of the measuring cup with disposable liners, but I wonder what is more expensive – cleaning the cup or disposing the liner, I think the consequences are very small for both and may be equal, but the liner is more convenient, you save yourself drying it. Anna 🙂


2 Will

I guess there is some personal expense for soap and water, and environmental expense with it all down the drain. But I still don’t like the idea of our “throw away” society, so I guess I’ll wash the cup, rather than use the liners.

But… That is a good point, Anna. I had not thought of it that way. Thanks!


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