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   I am reading more and more articles touting the latest discovery to slow aging, avoid disease, or to help ease the human condition in some other way.  The difference I am noticing is that when the possibility of said new discovery being put into a pill is discussed, there seems to be a complete assumption that it will be universally embraced and without any downside.

Recently I read about a study that “proved” that the compound resveratrol, in red wine, greatly extends life….  The life of yeast and rats, at least.  The problem is that the level used in the research is equal to drinking approximately 1,000 (!!!) bottles of red wine every day.  Several of the articles I read about this discovery said the researchers were now working on getting the equivalent amount of resveratol into a daily pill form.

Will people embrace something like this?  It seems like a risk taking such high levels of any artificially compounded chemical even if it is an exact match to something found in our found or drink in much lower amounts.  I bet it would prove popular.  Already people are using many drugs in unorthodox ways in attempts to “improve” their lives.  Just look at the example of Ritalin, now being taken by healthy adults in an effort to improve school and work performance.  Talk about a slippery slope.

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Will Sig
1 Will

Interestingly I came across another article today that sort of says everyone is going to be using drugs for this purpose in the near future.


2 Bob

Interesting article you pointed out in your comment Will. It would be interesting to see what happens 20-30 years from now as far as what drugs healthy people will be taking to remain Smart/skinny/young/ect, if they make it and promote it people will buy it.

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3 Will

Hi Bob. A vigorous defense it is indeed. Interestingly I had an email today from someone who said I should not exaggerate by saying the study amounts were equal to drinking 1,000 bottles of wine per day. I know it sounds crazy, but that is no exaggeration. That really was the amount of resveratrol in the study!


4 DubaiDreams

Great idea, let’s get everyone on Ritalin.

Strangely it’s the kind of thing that was always predicted in sci-fi books and films years ago, and ridiculous as those ideas often seem to be at the time they have an unnerving habit of coming true in the end.


5 Anna

Hey Will, I will take one of those eternal pills, lol!
I think one day we will live on the breakfast pill, lunch pill, snack pill. I think these are good to go to the moon with, lol.

Sorry to joke around, but these pills are big joke!

Thanks for posting, Anna 🙂

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6 Will

Yes, the science fiction has been there for a long time. But it is becoming reality now. And, who are we to say if people should or should not be allowed to take these drugs in an effort to live linger healthier lives? My main concern is that the potential harmful effects might not become known until years after people start ingesting.

Anna – I think you are correct that the pills won’t ever really replace food itself. There is just too much that the human body needs to get from real food. But supplements that aim to extend life are another thing altogether. If once a day pills that mimics the healthful effects of 1,000 bottles of red wine becomes available, I bet people will go crazy for them!


7 Rob

Spot on there, Will.
It’s not just the tablets and medications used injudiciously that concerns me. But also the rising use of cosmetic surgery.
I saw an interview with Dave Clark (drummer of 60’s British pop group Dave Clark Five) recently and he had clearly had so much ‘work’ done, he was not only unrecognisable, his look was.. Well, let me say it was distinctive. This is the season of goodwill. But ..
We’ve got a huge amount to learn…..

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