She Took a Pass on 15 Minutes of Fame


I found this interesting story today and even though it is unrelated to the topics on this site, I was impressed and had to post it. Very refreshing indeed in this time when so many are soooo desperate for 15 minutes of fame, or infamy. Whether you agree with her or her reasoning for turning it down is irrelevant, you have to admire her. If I had an opportunity to do something like that on the expense account of a national TV show, it might be hard to say no! But unless I really felt I would be contributing to the greater good, so to speak, I would hope I would have the integrity she did to stay true to myself in choosing not to do it just for the 15 minutes in the spotlight.

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Will Sig
1 Catherine

Hi Will – thanks so much for the link and the shout out. I really appreciate the feedback on my story – its so encouraging to me…

Have a great day…and thanks again!



2 Will

You are welcome Catherine. It is such an inspiring story. Feel free to digg this post using the quick digg button at the top of the page. Any way you can get more attention to your story is a good thing for those of us tired of all the 15 minutes of fame at any cost stories!



3 Anonymous

Do you have another link as the one you have listed does not work?


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