Mobilizing To Save Civilization


This post was originally published back in 2008 but the book is just as relevant today as it was then.

Lester Brown is the President of the EarthPolicy Institute. I read an excerpt from his latest book, Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, and had to order it. I am not sure this book is something the masses will take to as the excerpt is just full of facts, figures, and pretty intense reasoning and explanation. But this guy really seems to get it. In addition to the big topics of the day like climate change, energy use, and transportation, he discusses sustainable building practices, a new materials economy, and how he believes the world will be changing from a globalized fossil fuel economy to a localized renewable energy economy.

I will write more after I read the whole book. Don’t wait on the edge of your seat, though, as my reading habits tend to slow down the completion of any single book. I don’t know why, but I have never been able to read one book at a time like a normal person. I always have a few going at once, which slows things down. Right now I am reading:

“Life in the Balance”, by Linda Prout

“Bryson’s Dictionary of Troublesome Words”, by Bill Bryson

“The Book of General Ignorance”, by John Llyod & John Mitchinson,

“Deep Survival”, by Laurence Gonzales

Add to the list some watching of The History Channel, etc., a couple of magazines, the daily newspaper and some blogs and you can see I don’t approach my addiction to information gathering in the most logical manner. Oh well!

Speaking of the History Channel…. There is a show on Monday at 9:00 pm called something like The Earth Without Man. Given my opinion that Earth will survive after we are gone, I wait eagerly to see if the show is any good.

Have a great weekend everyone! It is beautiful cold, clear, weather here right now, with no snow or rain for the past several days. I plan to spend a bunch of time outdoors. Tomorrow a 12 mile hike up over the Collins Mountain Trail which should be clear of snow except for possibly a couple miles at the highest elevations. Maybe I’ll get some pictures to post next week.

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Will Sig
1 Bob

Hey Will looking forward to the pics, should be good, plan B looks awesome, and thanks for the heads up on the history channel show, one of my fave channels, besides of course SPACE!,lol.


2 Alan

If you read the book and decide it is worthwhile for others, write a guest review and I will run on the Thin Red Line.


3 Will

Hi Bob – We will see if the show tonight is any good. The topic is a good one if they do it well. The History channel still has lots of good programming on it, but even they sometimes succumb to hype and flash at the expense of education and information. I remember when The Learning Channel was on my short list of programming to watch. Have you seem how low they have sunk in recent years?

We don’t have any of the other science or space channels available here. I wish we had a choice of all programming and could pick and choose what we wanted to subscribe to. Even with 5 people, I doubt if we regularly watch more than 10, and even occasionally more than 20 of the 70 plus stations carried by our cable company.



4 Will

Thanks Alan! That would be fun. I’m flattered that you think I write well enough to do a guest post on The Thin Red Line.



5 Will

Today I am posting a short review of the History Channel show. My opinion on it is really too strong for just a comment here. But in summary, it was bad!


6 Anna

…’but I have never been able to read one book at a time like a normal person.’ – Will, lol, this is so me too, I think I have couple of going for now, and one beside my stationary bike which I probably would have to start from the beginning. These are some cool books you are reading now. Another thing I do with non-fictions books, I don’t read all, sometimes I skip what does not interests me, or it gets too complicated, lol. I love reference books too, the ones with lot of pictures and diagrams. So yes I will be waiting for your book update and review once you done, no rush. Thanks for sharing, Anna 🙂


7 Will

Anna – I’m glad to see I am not the only one who reads like this. Do you sometimes think it is a bad habit and that it would be better to do one book at a time? In the end we would read the same books. I guess I have issues with delayed gratification reading! If I have an interesting book laying around, I just can’t keep my hands off of it, even if I am already working on two or three unfinished others.


8 Anna

Hi Will, to answer your question. I was reading somewhere that who starts suddenly experiencing short memory, then they may be multitasking. I was like that for a while, so I started to concentrate on one thing at a time, and worked. With books I don’t know, because reading is reading, and it does not matter because you could be reading newspaper that carries many different topics. Well, I think it may be not that effective, because we do not fully concentrate on it for 100%, but then it all depends if you want to. To tell you what else I do with reading is that I have different book per different location in the house, so when I am on elliptical I am reading some crazy fiction, when front of TV I am reading magazines, before bed I am reading some other book, and when at work I am reading totally different stuff. That way I am able to keep my mind clear from book to book or reading from reading. Works effectively for me. Hope it helps Will. Anna 🙂


9 Will

I have the location method also, Anna. I don’t even count some of those in my total of what I am reading. I was on a 6 hour round trip bus ride yesterday to a hockey game, so I got in 6 hours of reading. What a treat! I finished one book and got 1/2 way through another.


10 Anna

Will nice treat. Wow must have been very important hockey game to travel 3 hours one way, lol. Good for you. About reading when I am in motion, actually eventually bothers me – I sometimes want to read in the car when my husband drives, I usually come out white like a ghost, so I still don’t know if the root cause is the book, head down or my husband’s driving, lol. Anna 🙂


11 Will

Yes, I’m lucky that I don’t have any motion issues at all. My son can not read in the car or he gets sick.

When I used to do a lot of deep sea fishing, 20 or more years ago, I never brought much food along. This was because there were always groups of people that would bring homemade Southern Fried Chicken, or Tamales, or some other great food. Then they would proceed to get sea sick. I just watched and when the time was right would go over and ask if they were going to eat their lunch. The answer was always something like “AAOOOH NO! Don’t even talk about the food, Please! Just take it out of my sight! Take the whole cooler!!! etc.” It was a running joke with us young regulars, but we always ate better than we were feeding ourselves at home at that young age.


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