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I have added a new category called “small changes”. The plan is that whenever I write something that suggests how a small, easy or step by step change to your routine can make improvements to your health, lifestyle, or environment, I will include this as one of the categories assigned to the post. This will make it easier to search for such tips just by selecting that category. The concept of small steps making a big difference is not a new one. There are many websites, books, and commercial products devoted to this. The category added here is just for ease in navigating this web site, since as the number of articles continues to climb, it becomes easier to miss entries written a while ago.

The idea that making small changes in your life can have big, positive, effects is very important. It is too easy to think that unless you go extreme in your attempts to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more, there might not be much benefit to be had. As one example, do you really have to exercise strenuously, at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week to benefit from exercise? Even though this is the recommendation seen most often, the answer is no, you do not! Small, sometimes almost insignificant, lifestyle and consumption changes made by enough individuals can also have great benefits to the environment and economy overall. Small technological advances can also produce bug positive effects when applied to large populations.

So a new category is hereby added. Now let’s hope I can fill it up with enough new and established suggestions to make it a valuable addition. And, please, feel free to use the comments below to add your own suggestions for tips.

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Will Sig
1 Will

You are right on with that! When someone asks me what I would recommend they do first when they want to improve their health or diet, I ask if they drink soda. If the answer is yes, I tell them that is job one. Stop the soda completely. Other than smoking or abusing alcohol or drugs, soda is one of the worse things you can put into your body.

I know a man who is overweight and thinks he does not over eat. But I bet he drinks at least a liter or two of non-caffeinated soda per day! He claims he can’t stop. I wonder if you can get addicted to the sugar or some other chemical in the soda?


2 JD Thomas

One “small” change I made in my diet was to eliminate all soda and replace with ice tea or water. In the first month of that about 6-8 pounds dropped off my body with no change in exercise.


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