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Spam_reduced   I wrote about this type of spam just last week but at the risk of being redundant, I just have to write this short follow up post.  Today I got a comment that just read weird to me.  It was a long comment, but seemed just a bit too generic for the post it was on.  I decided to search for specific phrases in the comment and found out that this person is going all over the internet posting the same comment just to get advertising links back to his battery selling site.  Maybe I am being too harsh but it just seems disingenuous to me to do this.  Plus there is always the danger that is you let this type of comment stay on your site and the commenter gets recognized by Google for the spammer they are, your site with several links to his spam site will be penalized by the search engines.

Anyway here is the post he commented on.  Look at comment #23.  Then here is an example of another place he pasted the same comment.  Look at comment #8.  Same exact comment using a different name.  I found other places he had used this comment also.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hey will,
I understand you are leaving this one comment up as an example, but any others I would delete. These seems to “Generic Spam Comment 2.0” 🙂
Now spammers are writing a specific generic comment and then looking for relevant posts to put it on.
My rule for comments is that they have to ADD VALUE to the post (his didn’t) and they have to be hand written and unique (not cut and paste). This stuff would tick me off if I let it, instead I just try to chuckle as I hit the delete button. ~ Steve
PS. Cool photo for the post. I didn’t know there was Garlic Spam. I’ve never actually tried spam, but if I did, I’d probably get the Garlic Spam.
PPS. Your comment on my blog got dumped in akismet. I’ve never seen that before. Are you a “closet spammer” now??? 🙂 Or does that happen if you use the word “spam” too many times in your comment. Maybe this one will end up in askismet. Hmmm…
PPPS. Happy Labor Day Weekend!
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Zombie Boot Camp =-.


2 John Hunter

I agree with you. In fact I would go beyond it being a bit disingenuous. I would be much harsher than you. Unless the comment seems to be a true reaction to the post I don’t approve comments.
.-= John Hunter´s last blog ..Unemployment Rate Increases to 9.7% =-.


3 Bob

Lol, good catch, I never would have picked up on that to look for any other comments. I get the obvious ones, somebody just last week posted a comment that went on forever about the bible, totally off topic, plus posted under anonymous.


4 Will

Hi Steve – Your comment did indeed get pulled over by Akisment. I wonder why? I would doubt it is because of the word spam as spammers don’t use that word in their comments. Weird that both mine and yours were caught, though.


5 Will

Hey John – I agree but they are getting so sneaky I bet I have left some up here unknowingly.

I commented on your unemployment post. That is a number I really think is not accurate. But then again, I am not really sure I know exactly what is included in the unemployment % number.


6 Will

Bob – I don’t know why they think they can get away with that type of obvious stuff. Maybe you have a reputation as too nice a guy and they figure you will not have the heart to delete them!


7 Kathy

I get a few of these types of comments too. I always delete them. Recently, though, I delete a comment from someone whose site was commercial and I felt it was a little spammy. But then I got another comment from the same person who asked why I deleted her comment. She said she left a sincere message “from the heart.” I felt a little guilty.
.-= Kathy´s last blog ..How to Make Sure People Find Your House =-.


8 Will

Hi Kathy – I sometimes get these too when I delete a comment or remove the link in a comment. Once in a while they are really indignant about it. I also feel a little guilty, but you know we have a responsibility to our regular readers and our commentators to keep things relevant. If we let every person who only makes a comment just to get a link to their site selling watches or colon cleaners have a pass, things will quickly get out of hand. I think there are lists of dofollow sites that allow these comments to stick on their posts. You definitly do not want your site to get on one of those lists!


9 Anna

Wow what people do so they don’t have to pay. Hey Will you are good on investigating all those things. Anna 🙂
.-= Anna´s last blog ..A Bit of Knowledge: More Moon Photography Tips & Opportunities =-.


10 Stephen Settle

Hey will, can you tell me how can we fight back with such type of comments?


11 Will

Hey Stephen are you trying to be ironic? I mean you made 29(!!) one line comments just this morning just to get the links back to your coffee machine selling site. In case you just don’t get it, those are exactly the sorts of comments this post addresses. Is it really worth all that effort just for the links?


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