Solar Energy Breakthrough


This announcement was made a couple of weeks ago and since has been posted to YouTube and written about on several websites, including SolReka, a great site for everything solar.  Just in case anyone here has not yet seen the original announcement, I include it below. If you have any issues with viewing the video, here is a link to the MIT site itself.

If this discovery plays out as described and does so at a workable price, this could be a huge technological advance in energy use.


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Will Sig
1 SolReka

Hi Will
Many thanks for those kind words about my blog. I love you 🙂

I have linked your trackback into my post which talks more on the subject of the Sun Battery and MIT. See commentluv post below.

You take care Will, and do keep in touch

Brighter Energy Solutions

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2 Bob

One of those things that seems real good, probably is, but it will not get to a stage where it replaces what we have now, it will be bought out by some oil or energy company like all the other miracle fixes before.

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3 SolReka

It’s a truly sad world we live in, one controlled by money, not compassion and love for mankind.

Pathetic really. Why should we be dictated to by money. I guess I am alone in believing in a Star Trek moneyless economy.

SolRekas last blog post..Amazing Green Ad – Award winning clouds commercial


4 Will

I am maybe too much of an optimist, but I think the awareness of the the need to fix our energy system is high enough now. Plus the cost of all energy, gasoline, natural gas, electricity, all of it, is so high that a buy out and bury scheme would not be tolerated.


5 HomeEnergyTv

Really great post, I hope to see this technology in action!

HomeEnergyTvs last blog post..John Wilson discusses his energy efficient home


6 Bill E

Interesting that the scientific breakthrough was made by going back to nature. Using a photosynthesis-like process to break down the water molecules at room tempurature.

Aside from the obvious boost in efficiency, it also sounds cleaner than a host of lead-acid batteries !

Bill Es last blog post..lower your heating and air conditioning bill with incense ?


7 Cindy

There are many great technologies out there, most of which we just have not become aware of yet. One great new technology which has actually come about as the result of the rising costs of electricity, is a capacitor type of appliance that attaches easily to the main electric panel of your house. This technology has been used by big industry for many many years, but was never “cost-effective” for individual home use. It saddens me that these technologies are so easily applied without huge costs, that can save literally millions of pounds of carbon emission. Had they been applied all those years ago, we may even be in a better climate situation than we currently face.
The technology I speak of is not only an energy saver, but it also protects your whole home from spikes, surges, and noise that can severly damage your appliances and electronics which is an unkown priceless savings as well as the recycling of unused and wasted energy back into the home with a savings of anywhere between 15%-30% off your electric bill. You can directly take a look at the PowerwoRx E3 at


8 Will

Thanks Cindy. That seems to be a whole house surge protector. I watched the video, but even though I see the protection aspects, I don’t see how it reduces your energy costs. The claims for that part seem vague and a little iffy.


9 Cindy

Well, without going into electrical techy details–simply put, there is a lot of electricity not being used, but wasted. This wasted energy is stored and recycled back into the home. I know it seems as though we are using all of the electricity when and appliance or electronic is plugged in, however it’s not true. In fact a certain percentage is generally unused and wasted. This device has the ability to find, store and allow your home to reuse it, amounting to some percentage of savings to the user. The savings amount can and will vary from home to home due to many factors. How many and what type of electronics are you using in your home? Do you have heavy heating motors? Are you currently using energy saving techniques? and so on. Take another look, maybe you’ll see it more clearly a second time ’round. I would also be willing to send anyone a PDF document with more details on the technicalities, just provide a request with a valid email address. No worries, email addresses are not shared in any way.


10 Paras

Great to see the advancement in the efficient use of the solar energy which is going waste without it being used to a large extent.


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