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This article was originally written in early 2007!

After getting a few requests for items I wrote a while ago, I have decided it is time to build a web site to keep things better organized and available. What sometimes happened is that things I wrote were spread out all over the Internet on sites that were not mine, and over which I had no control. If I wrote something new, even just a comment in a blog, and linked to something I had written a few months or more ago, some of the links no longer worked. In a few cases, when someone wanted to read something with a broken link, I went into the files on my local computer and retrieved the article. However, for some blog comments and forum posts, I did not have the information stored locally.

From this point forward, I’ll try my best to incorporate anything I write into a posting on this site. I will initially bring over a few of the things I have previously written. As time goes by, if it seems something in my local files is related to a new topic, I will put that here also. To provide chronological context when I post old material, I will post with the date I originally wrote it.

Most of what I have written in the past has been on a few specific topics. These have included: education and homeschooling, simple living, outdoor activities, and organic food, healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Will Sig
1 guide

Hi – big thanks (great site!). I like the truthful commentary and subtle humor!


2 Chemmer

Seems like you are getting a lot of the things you write posted here like you wanted to. Is it working out for you?


3 Will

Yes, it is. Comments and feedback have been good so far. Thanks!


4 Will

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