Stop SOPA – Black for the Day


Today this site is supporting the Stop the “Stop Online Piracy Act” by going black in the theme.  You can read more about this effort at the two links below.  Hopefully this small gesture by thousands of websites will get noticed and influence the upcoming vote on this bill.

 What is SOPA?

SOPA Explained:

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Will Sig
1 Steve

I’m glad you’re against SOPA. Copyright and trademark theft are a very real problem, but based on what I know, SOPA is not the answer, and would probably be full of very serious “unintended consequences”. But I am surprised by the number of politicians and companies that support it. Any ideas on why some people who’s opinions I usually respect would support SOPA? Are they just choosing to look the other way went it comes to some of the problems with SOPA, or claim the end justifies the means?
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2 Will

Hi Steve – Missed you around here! That video on your site is really cute. I;ll have to look at the other 4 finalists, but this one looks like it could win. Yes I am against SOPA. I have lots of my posts stolen from here and reposted elsewhere but this bill is not the solution. Unfortunately I think because of the recent Google algorithm changes the problem of content theft is only going to get worse. Until the past few months Google did a good job of keeping the scraper and plagiarism sites out of their search results. Now with Google’s focus on recently dated pages, I find those sites all the time in my search results. It is a problem because I often link to sites in my posts and I am very concerned about linking to the original author and not some copying scum site.


3 Robin Henderson

As a freelancer, I believe copyright has become as much a threat to my well-being as a protection. Ham-fisted schemes like SOPA are just another example of a legal principle turned inside out. The fat cats are at it again, undermining common decency on some imagined right to profit. The fact is, they’ve been preying on artists for generations now, and technology has just outdone them. We’re not going to put that genie back in bottle with state violence, and it wouldn’t be worth it if we could.

Bottom line: SOPA, no.


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4 Tony McGurk

I’m not sure what SOPA is about so I will check out your links Will


5 Tony McGurk

OK I read about it & it all sounds like pretty heavy controlling stuff. Huge ramifications by the looks of it.


6 Will

Yes and hopefully now with all this publicity, will not be passed.


7 Tony McGurk

I am also wondering if it is passed how it will affect people like myself living outside the U.S. but using a U.S. based blogging platform like Blogger or or even self hosted WP on a US based web host?
I have found an Australian based free blog provider that uses the Wordpress platform but is separate from & wondering if it’d be better to change to that as it is outside the control of US laws.


8 Carrie

I am obviously against SOPA as well, but that infographic had me smiling because some of those graphs are obviously made to scare the living daylights out of people. Not very factual, but speculation of the end of internet as we know it.


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