Sun Dried Tomatoes


WebMD reported today that scientists may have figured out how out of body experiences happen. Funny, I thought they were caused by tasting the dried tomatoes I make from my ripe organic tomatoes every summer!

All I do is cut thick chunks, (not slices), and lay them out on the screens of an electric dehydrator. (All right, so they are not really “sun” dried.) I use a much lower setting that in recommended for fruit and vegetables. After about 18 to 24 hours, I let them cool and scrape off the tomatoes into a large bowl. I add a bunch of fresh organic oregano and basil, along with a couple of garlic cloves. Then I tightly pack a 1 quart canning jar with the tomatoes and add extra-virgin olive oil to 1/2 inch from the top. I just screw on a lid and let it sit at room temperature for several hours, or over-night to soak up the oil. Then I put the jar into the deep freeze.

Come winter, a large spoonful heap of these on a salad is indeed an out of body experience. Maybe I should contact those scientists just to let them know I discovered it first!

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Will Sig
1 Maria

Those sound absolutely delicious!
I found you searching for dried/baked tomatoes that are frozen after.
Great website.


2 Will

I had some last night. The really great thing about this is that I have 20 or more quarts of them in the freezer for only the cost of the olive oil. Not only are the dried tomatoes great on salads or pizza, but the olive oil from the jars makes incredible salad dressing.



3 Betty

Wondering how the taste…I am still thinking that eat fresh tomatoes is the best.


4 Will

Betty – They taste great! They don’t replace fresh tomatoes for me, at least during the time of year we can grow or buy good tomatoes. I use them in addition to other ways of eating tomatoes.


5 Paula from Only Cookware

I love dried tomatoes (or semi-dried). For some reason they have a more intense flavour.


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