Sunday Search of the Week 1-9-2011


I have written a few times about ethical food.  Some might say it is even a pet issue of mine.  But I don’t recall ever writing specifically about what this week’s searcher was looking for: “Ethical Gravy”. The first thing I thought was, “what a great name for a band”.  Then I did manage to find the post they landed on.  Hint: Look for the word train in the post.

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Will Sig
1 Tony

I agree on the band name. “Hey have you heard the latest album from Ethical Gravy?”


2 Steve

hey will,
I checked the post you say they landed on, and I found the word “gravy”, as in gravy train, but I couldn’t find the word “ethical” anywhere on that post?
When I search on google, I find that tony’s comment above using the search phrase is on all sorts of pages, so I can’t try to find the original page (pre-tony).
How did you determine the post they landed on, and am I missing the word ethical…
Ah, this just came to me, was it in a temporary comment summery or random post that is now no longer showing on that post?
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3 Steve

Hi Will,
I found the Nov 26 cache of the post page in google, and sure enough the word “ethical” was in a (temporary) link to another post, that isn’t there anymore…
Great detective work on your part!
Steve recently posted..Hark the Herald Toilet Paper!My Profile


4 Keith

That has to be the shortest long-tail keyword ever. Wonder why the searcher was looking for it?


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