Sunday Search of the Week 10-19-2008


This week’s search is: “cook black bean soup so you do not have gas”.

I do have a great recipe here for Organic Black Bean Soup.  No guarantees given to this week’s searcher though.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
That is a funny search phrase… or maybe it’s not, especially if you are the searcher’s spouse. I’ve never had a problem like that (at least it hasn’t been a problem to me). I’ve got a friend that does have that problem and swears by a product called Beano. Anyway, I clicked through to your recipe and it looks tasty. I’ve printed it out and will have to try it. I’ve made a “17 Bean Soup” in the past that was pretty good.. ~ Steve (the Trade Show Guru)

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2 Will

Hey Steve – Is that 17 kinds of beans in one soup? Or a recipe that calls for 17 beans? hehe.


3 Steve

Hi Will,
I guess I set myself up for that one (a soup of consisting of 17 beans). Never even thought of that, but it would be great for a person on a diet. 🙂 I just checked the pantry and I’ve got another bag of the mix – it’s from Trader Joes and it’s their “17 Bean and Barley Mix”. Good stuff.
~ Steve
PS. Thanks for the comment on my new blog. I was actually already planning on asking a few questions, but I thought first I’d try learn a bit more and get some of the kinks worked out. At least this blogging stuff is starting to make sense!

Trade Show Gurus last blog post..Marketing’s Secret Sauce


4 Anna

lol Will! btw thanks for the recipe. sounds great. Anna 🙂

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