Sunday Search of the Week 10-24-2010


No particular search caught my eye as funny or odd this week.  But I did notice that “Economic Sustainability” once again was the week’s top search result with 139 people using it to land here.  This is interesting as I believe I have only written one post on the subject.  It gets a bunch of reads, but not one comment yet.  I guess that speaks volumes on my contribution to the subject!

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Will Sig
1 Tony

At least you got a normal search result, I often get real weird ones. Almost daily I get a search for “Sexy Sheep”, there’s some strange people out there. I had one today for “Pig in Wellies”


2 Michael

I’m new here and I got here looking for ethical food recipes and strategies. I didn’t find any but I like your stuff so you are bookmarked. Glad to be here.


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