Sunday Search of the Week 11-14-2010


This week’s search really made me laugh.  “delicious castor oil gopher recipe worms” Yum. I know not everyone wants to eat turkey for Thanksgiving, but really now.

Of course I had to immediately do the search myself and sure enough, after entering the string of words, there it was at result number 4 in Google. I guess with all the people on the internet now any search phase is possible. Still you have to wonder sometimes!

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Will Sig
1 Jul

That is funny but here is what I think. Castor oil may be delicious to Gophers? So the searcher was looking for recipes for making a gopher bait using castor oil. Maybe they also thought the gophers would be attracted to earthworms?

I am sure it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, I hope.
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2 Heather

HAHA, sounds tasty…. I think i’ll stick with a turkey for thanksgiving though. =)


3 Will

Yeah Heather, I already have mine and another for a few weeks later when our oldest daughter comes home from med school for Christmas. I buy them frozen because we can’t get the ones I want fresh in our town.


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