Sunday Search of the Week 11-21-2010


I was hoping this week’s search could be on a Thanksgiving theme.  However, even though hundreds of people landed here while researching organic turkeys, cranberries, and other Thanksgiving topics, all of the searches were logical, commonsensical, even boring.  So I went back to a topic that never seems to run out of odd searches, soda drinking:

“why is drinking 24 cans of cola a day dangerous to your health”

Is that a serious question?

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Will Sig
1 Tony

Good Grief!!! Surely that is just a hypothetical question… Nobody actually really does that do they???


2 Will

They must? I know people that drink many large cups per day and each of those is at least a few cans worth. Crazy, though.


3 Keith

Teenage girls who consume large amounts of soda pop have been shown to prematurely ( what an understatement!) osteoporosis. A glass of soda will dissolve a nail, clean the terminals of an auto battery, etc; just imagine what it does to your innards.


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