Sunday Search of the Week 11-22-2009


fish_reducedI have written a couple of posts related to how long after eating you should wait before going to sleep. I have also written a few posts about fish, sometimes about how unhealthy farmed fish is, sometimes just about eating fish in general. I guess the combinations of those posts brought the following searcher to this site, but I know for sure I have not written specifically about this idea!

This week’s odd search is: “always eat fish 1 hour before bedtime?” Odd for certain, but maybe not if you want to be sure to always sleep alone.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
Your Sunday searches continue to amuse. 🙂
I’m guessing that the searcher meant some other word and that “fish” was a typo, except I can’t figure out what he might have really meant…
If he did mean fish, I think you are right about sleeping alone. 🙂

By the way, I googled that phrase and it was your post:
TITLE: Eat At Least 3 Hours Before Going to Sleep | Healthy Living
GOOGLE EXCERPT: i always dinner just a cup of cereal with milk one hour before i go to sleep, …. Anna you are right about the fish. Did you see the couple of articles I did a … I think it is a problem for health is you eat too close to bedtime. …

So it looks like it was the TITLE of the post PLUS the COMMENTS. Interestingly enough the words “bedtime” and “fish” ONLY APPEAR IN THE COMMENTS, NOT THE POST. This result really shows the power/importance of comments (if you want to be found on the search engines)! I’ve never seen such a clear example. Thanks for sharing it!
~ Steve, aka the curious trade show guru
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Are Trade Shows Obsolete? =-.


2 Will

And thank you Steve for using Google to find out exactly what the searcher landed on. I did not bother to do that so it is eye opening to me too. These searches are really something. Some weeks there are several that catch my eye, other weeks there is really nothing and I skip the post. Maybe I should get back into the habit of storing them up so I put one up every week.


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