Sunday Search of the Week 12-14-2008


This week’s winner finally comes with a possible explanation for this type of search.  Maybe readers have noticed previous weeks that included a search for some odd term plus the phrase “top commentators” or “top commentators plugin”.  I always wondered what was up with these.  Many weeks there would be a dozen or more of this type of search showing up in my stats.  I think I even remember some with the “inurl” operator.  This week there were three that I saw, including this one:

the dirty dozen + food + top commentators

Believe it or not there seems to be a somewhat devious reason for these searches.  I was contacted by someone researching this and went to their web site to read what they found.  At first I thought my search stats were not related as the people doing the search never left comments.  Then I remembered one person who did leave 15 short comments just to make it onto my list.  I had deleted all their comments and thought “man they must be desperate for a link”.  But in reading the above article, I realized that because my Top Commentators list was harder to get on to than most since I don’t reset it every week or month, most of the searchers who found me did not want to make the effort required to get on to the list.

It is really interesting the lengths people will go to for a little Google juice!  In my case, I am not going to worry about it since my list rewards the regular commentators, over a longer period of time and the fact that their links are dofollow is part of the reward.  I will also tag this post with some terms that will attract these mischief makers so they will know I am on to them!  If they still go to the trouble to make 20 or so inane comments just to get on the list, I’ll gladly delete them all!

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Will Sig
1 Julius Kuhn-Regnier

thanks for the mention Will 😉
In your case it is not really a problem but most of the blogs I visited that had few comments were not aware of the issue.

Julius Kuhn-Regniers last blog post..How to Speed Up Wordpress


2 Matty Byloos

Will! Love your blog and have become an avid reader. I firmly believe in putting as much feedback (in the way of comments and written response) as possible out into the internet world. Having run my own sites before, there are few worse feelings besides feeling like you’re talking to no one when you’re putting forth so much effort. And if you get a few links out of the deal, that’s a bonus I suppose. Thanks for your hard work and I’ll continue coming back for the great posts.

Matty Bylooss last blog post..George Washington Did Not Save the British Children


3 Bob

Who knew, it is amazing what people will do to get a better page rank, thanks for the link, very informative as was your post.

Bobs last blog post..Lunar Halos, Perigee Moon and Geminid Meteor shower


4 Alan

that is funny. I have been real lucky with not getting to many spam commenters

Alans last blog post..Plan B 3.0


5 Anna

Wow interesting Will. I will make sure that I will not spam you too much with comments then, lol. Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..I Love Winter Because of Pomegranates


6 Will

LOL Anna! I love your comments – keep them coming! And that photo on your pomegranate post of you and your siblings posing as the Von Trapps is a classic! Too much! Interestingly, I don’t like pomegranates too much themselves, but I love the juice.


7 Will

Thanks for your kind comments, Matty. Sorry I have been not posting as much the past couple of weeks. I’ll get back on track soon. That is an odd video you link to on Washington. Don’t really know what to think about it, however it is not as odd as Mitchell’s video. He is odd indeed or a very good actor! Are you planning to put some of your paintings on your site. Now I am curious to see some of them.


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