Sunday Search of the Week 12-6-2009


Many of the searches in this series are odd or humorous, but this week the search is just rewarding. I have written articles for other sites on economic sustainability issues, (probably not what you think). At the risk of boring visitors to this site, I even posted an article here on the topic.  This week several people landed here as a result of their searches for information on economic sustainability.  Maybe something has been in the news recently, but I could not find it.  In any case it is nice to see the more unusual articles here also showing up in search results.  Below is one of the searches done this week.  This particular one seems to have brought a lot of visitors.  My article linked above actually returns first, top of the list, in Google’s results, so that alone is nice.  Remove the word “issues” from the search and this site is still at number three.  How about that?

“economic sustainability issues”

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