Sunday Search of the Week 3-1-2009


This week’s is not odd or funny, just gratifying.  “importance of economic sustainability”. This has been searched for using a few different phrases, but all landing on a post I wrote almost two years ago.  It has always been an important issue, but given the current economic climate, I guess it is drawing increased interest.  I think the reason I have been getting so many views to that post is because a Google search for “economic sustainability” returns it as the second result on the first page.  Not bad, but the downside is that there have been no comments on the post.  I guess people are just reading it and leaving.  I wonder if that reflects the value of the post for their search as good or bad?

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Will Sig
1 The Right Blue

That’s definitely one search term to be proud of, Will. Well done!

Speaking of search (how’s that for a segue!) I just tagged you for a search-related meme over at You might have fun with it — but if you don’t want to play, don’t worry, we absolutely won’t get our feelings hurt. ;-}


The Right Blues last blog post..Search me! (The Google Search Meme)


2 Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

I would have to congratulate you for keeping the post up on the SERPS using that keyword. 🙂

Tnomeralc Web Design Toyss last blog post..The Tnomeralc Web Design Toys


3 Bob

Very interesting and congrats, I think it is a sign of the times with the way the economy is. Funny like you said they were no comments, mind you it’s been my experience with google searches, they just don’t yield many comments if any.

Bobs last blog post..The Lunar Pleiades Occulatation


4 Anna

You know Will I have the same issue with the Moon. So many people search for how to take photo of the moon, and may be I get good ranking for some birding – that is all, but not much of comments. I guess these people are non-bloggers and don’t know how to.

On my blog Will I have widget for Live Traffic Feed, and on the bottom of the feed there is a link to statistics what people search for to get my blog, click on ‘Watch in Real Time’ – I been tracking mine and most of the hits I get are because of the moon. I would sign up, it can be very interesting to monitor…

Anna 🙂

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