Sunday Search of the Week 3-28-2010


This week brought a weird result and  I can’t imagine what post they landed on here.  Maybe it was just the keyword “telescope” and the fact that Bob from Blackholes and Astrostuff has so many comments here?

The search: “canada claims he can see germany through his telescope”

On edit Monday, March 29th: For the solution to this weeks weird search, see the 5th comment below by Steve the Trade Show Guru. Once again he has solved the mystery of which of my posts has attracted an odd search.

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Will Sig
1 Dennis the Vizsla

Canada must have quite a telescope if he can see all the way to Germany.
.-= Dennis the Vizsla´s last blog ..their baaaaaack!!! =-.


2 Will

My thoughts exactly… unless there is a town called Germany, Nova Scotia or something?


3 Tony

Maybe Canada is someone’s name rather than a reference to the country. He could have been looking at his neighbour Mr. Germany mowing his lawn across the road….
Just a thought albeit a strange thought, after all I do have a mental illness…
.-= Tony´s last blog ..Torture Time =-.


4 Will

Or more likely Mr. Canada looking through the telescope at Ms. Germany!


5 Steve

hi will,
you know I love a challenge…
I googled the search phrase but couldn’t find anything from your blog. But then I added the word “healthy” to the beginning of the string and found the blog post in question…
google result #4:
[i]Amazing Grace – The Movie
Jan 14, 2008 … Healthy Living For People and Planet Earth … Albert Finney is astounding as Newton, haunted by his “20000 ghosts”. … He shakes hands with trees and claims he can see Germany through his telescope!” …. Will: Funny Anna, I had not made the connection to the Canada leaf. …[/i]

you will note the phrase “claims he can see Germany through his telescope” and then the word Canada is in your post. 🙂 ~ Steve
PS. It is still a very strange search…
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Trade Show Outboarding =-.


6 Will

Absolutely amazing Steve! We could put together a real good selection of these Sunday searches with your investigations and solutions to the weirdness. I just repeated what you did to see for myself, (not that I doubted it for a second). 😉 Indeed there it is, the 4th result for me too.

Another benefit to me from your skill in figuring these out is that then I can prove to people I am not making my Sunday Searches up. I have been questioned on it many times, but as they say, and you prove, the truth is weirder than any fiction I could come up with.



7 Steve

hey Will,
I agree… often the strangest “fiction” is the truth. 🙂
It’s one thing to figure out which blog post the searcher found and why, but why they would search for these “strange” searches in the first place is beyond me. 🙂
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Trade Show Outboarding =-.


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