Sunday Search of the Week 3-6-2011


This week’s search really made me laugh: “I forgot what food damages memory”.

I wonder if the person saw the humor in their search? I am not sure what post they landed on because I can’t for the life of me ever remember writing about this…. oh no.

Fortunately a Google search of this site turns up some possible posts on food and memory loss so it must have been one of those the searcher found.  I guess I could benefit from reading them myself.

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Will Sig
1 Binky

That sounds like me, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t search for it. I forget.
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2 Will

Might have been you? The information on searches does not ID the person or location in any way. Sometimes I see really funny ones where it is obvious that English in not the persons native tongue. I usually don’t post those for obvious reasons.


3 Binky

No, not really. I was just being silly. But I do forget things more often than I’d like to admit, and it is something that I would search for.
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4 Faythe

was the search posed just like that? I don’t look to often on my own… I may get lost & never find my way out again! LOL… but the few I have seen are usually just a few words, never matching any titles… funny how those searches match up to all kinds of thing, I’d be a tad wondering about the bad English, but then my grammar is not the best either, so maybe I wouldn’t be worried at all!


5 Will

Yes these are always quotes. The stats don’t show what post the searcher landed on and since I get hundreds of Google searchers to the site every day the only way I can figure it out is to do the search myself. Even that does not always work and in that case I resort to my secret weapon, Steve! Speaking of whom, its been a while since we heard from him?


6 Tony McGurk

Whatever food it was it looks like they’ve been eating it
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