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This week’s search, “why are some cow tails gone”, caught my attention as my increasingly undependable memory could not recall writing about this.  But indeed I did and the person doing the search even appears to have left a comment!  That is a first, I think.

That post also reminded me of the series of “Did You Know” posts I started a while ago.  A few of them were quite popular, but the entries eventually stopped  coming in and it has been months since I have written one.  I think I need to create a submission box or something here to keep the series from getting buried beneath new posts.  Anyway, the explanation for “Did You Know” posts is here and anyone wanting to make a submission is welcome.

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Will Sig
1 Tony

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tailess cow, or is it a cowless tail
Tony recently posted..Jesus’ Miracle of the Loaves &amp FishesMy Profile


2 Tony

I mean a cow less tail
Tony recently posted..Jesus’ Miracle of the Loaves &amp FishesMy Profile


3 Will

Hi Tony – Check out the post linked to “indeed I did” above and you will see a “cow less tail”. And learn more than you ever wanted to know about the subject!


4 Binky

If we knew the truth about how most of our food was grown or raised, we probably wouldn’t want to eat half of it.
Binky recently posted..Smart SquirrelsMy Profile


5 Anonymous

I want to become more healthy (not thin) and whenever I have tried a healthy living plan it always goes to pieces very quickly and I can’t think of good ideas. I am not talking all about food (though some ideas would be appreciated) I mean maybe some day to day things that will make me a bit more healthy
thanks 🙂


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