Sunday Search of the Week 5-15-2011


A similar search to this week’s showed up last fall and was discussed in detail in a post on humanely trapping and then cooking gophers. Still, it is so odd that I think it deserves another run. Two people used the same search term this week and ended up on this site, perhaps on the above post.  So since we are into re-run season anyway, this week’s search is: “How to cook gophers”

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Will Sig
1 Steve

It’s hard (really hard) to imagine anyone being interested in cooking gophers.
I got the trap you recommended last fall (and I like the design) but the trap scared all the gophers away and I never actually got to catch any with it (just dirt once, and then no more gophers). But this week I’ve seen a few new mounds, so it looks like I’ll finally get to see how the trap works. I won’t be doing any cooking afterwards though! Steve
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2 Binky

I’d prefer to think someone was really searching for “how to cook WITH gophers”.

Don’t eat my cousins!


3 Tony McGurk

Oh No!!! Gophers are cute. That would be like cooking squirrels or possums or wombats or kangaroos.
Oh forget kangaroos because I like roo meat
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