Sunday Search of the Week 6-19-2011


This week I found another odd one: “funny skits with plastic water bottles” This is the post the searcher landed on. At first seems odd, but then note comments 8 and 9. Funny how this search thing works sometimes.

I suspect the searcher was looking for something more like the following which was done for a high school chemistry assignment!

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Will Sig
1 Tony McGurk

Ha Ha A funny video but also informative. There was a show on TV I saw the other day about how harmful plastic containers are for food & drink storage especially the BPA ones


2 Steve

Very cool, and very good detective work on your part. 🙂
It’s very interesting how comments can count as content.
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3 Jenn Brigole

I would have to remember this every time I drop by the store to buy water after a long run. Exercising and then drinking from plastic water bottle surely defeat the purpose of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


4 Binky

I guess even water bottles like humor.
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5 Julio

LOL, thats totally hilarious..

still laughing..from the first 40 seconds..


6 Adrianne

Pretty funny I’d say. Well, I need to get some water from the store. Ugh, here we are always running out because I live with about 6 other people who always drink the water bottles 😛


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